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Date: 21-Aug-97
Weather: sunny, windy at very end
Number of Workers: 2
Lots Open: 1519, 1523, 1521, 1524, 1525
Page Reference: 163

STRATEGY: 1. Remove 1519 then take off 1525 below. 2. Remove 1524 (fill of f604). 3. Define edges of pit f608. 4. Remove 1521 to see if f605 continues west. 5. Remove 1523 to see if tholos continues down.

SUMMARY: 1. Finished excavation of 1519. Began 1525 at the end of the day. There appears to be a colour change in the SE quadrant, which could be a pise wall (to be explored during excavation of 1525). The stones to the south of the pise suggest a pise/stone wall. 2. 1524 removed. F604 was the base of the wall f604. f605 does not run under it, but runs E-W. The walls are seperated by about 7cm of soil and since the base of f604 is higher than that of f605, it would appear that f604 was built first and then f605, although the inhabitance of the building to which they belonged was probably contemporary. 3. It was very difficult to define the edes of f608 during the excavation of 1519. It would appear that pit f608 was lined with a pise/plaster mix rather than neat (?) plaster, otherwise the edges would have been easier to define and not so mixed and crumbly. The pit was either very shallow, or we only had the bottom remaining and this may also account for it being difficult to trace. 4. Continued removal of 1521. f605 is indeed an E-W wall. 5. In the process of going down to the NW (1523) of the tholos (f607). So far it is unclear if we are at its base, although its length has increased.
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Amanda Kennedy. (2006) "Log for: 685N / 405E (21-Aug-97) from Asia/Turkey/Domuztepe/IV/Lot 1519". In Domuztepe Excavations. Elizabeth Carter, Stuart Campbell (Ed). Released: 2006-02-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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