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Publishing and Archiving Costs

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Open Context provides researchers with the following services:

  • Editing, annotation, peer-review and open access publishing for research data and media
  • Data archiving with the University of California's Merritt digital repository (managed by the California Digital Library)

While data published by Open Context are free to use, Open Context charges contributing researchers fees for publishing and archiving services.

Data Management Plan Cost Estimates for Publishing and Archiving

The form provided below will help you prepare and budget for your grant "Data Management Plan". Once you successfully complete this form, you will receive an email with a budget estimate and language to add to your Data Management Plan. This language will include a description of interoperability, access, and archiving issues that help determine the research value of shared data. Please note, completing this form does not imply or constitute a binding agreement.

Project Contact Information
Graduate student projects, including Data Management Plan costs for doctoral dissertation grants, receive a 25% discount
Project Database Size and Complexity
The number of different specialists making datasets (zooarchaeology, lithic analysis, etc.)
Estimated number of tables in all of the project's relational databases and spreadsheets
Project Media Size and Complexity
1 - 100
100 - 1000
1000 - 10000
more than 10000
1 - 10
10 - 100
100 - 1000
more than 1000
1 - 5
5 - 10
More than 10
1 - 10
10 - 100
100 - 1000
more than 1000
Comment and Copyright Licensing
If I choose to publish with Open Context, I plan to waive all copyright and other intellectual property rights on my content and dedicate my content to the public domain by using the Creative Commons-Zero (public domain) declaration. Legal experts believe that this choice maximizes scientific interoperability and potential for reuse. While not legally required, citation is expected through norms of professional conduct.
If I choose to publish with Open Context, I plan to license my content under a Creative Commons-Attribution License. This license allows others to:
  • to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to adapt the work
These permissions apply under the condition that others attribute your work in the manner specified by Open Context (which is proper citation). The above permissions help promote reuse and interoperability of your data, and give explicit permission for digital archives to preserve content.
Open Context is an open access and open data publisher. While open and nonproprietary data can offer wide research, instruction, and public benefits, open data is not universally appropriate. Open Context is not a suitable venue for the management of content that requires stricter security or intellectual property controls, access restrictions, or other restrictions. You can work with Open Context editors to develop sound strategies to mix open data publishing and curation of more restricted information in other systems.
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