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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Site number Wb-0788
Project name Phase I Archaeological Survey of ca. 180 Acres at Mississinewa Lake, Wabash County, Indiana.
Surface exploration methods The site was identified during a systematic shovel program of 15 meter intervals with radials of 7.5 meters around positive shovel tests. The site was defined by positive shovel tests and pedestrian survey of the agricultural fields adjacent to the 2 positive shovel test (AU3 and AT2) Walkover of the bean fields with 70-80% visibility with a crew of 6 individuals spaced at 5-10 meters and reducing to 1-2 meters to more fully define the site.
Site type Lithic Scatter
Period Unidentified Prehistoric
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Smithsonian Trinomial Identifier 12Wb788
Sortable Trinomial 12Wb00788
Variant Trinomial Expression(s)
  • 12-Wb-788
  • 12-Wb-00788
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David G. Anderson, Joshua Wells, Stephen Yerka, Kelsey Noack Myers, Robert Carl DeMuth, Thaddeus Geoffrey Bissett. (2014) "Site 54738 from Americas/United States/Indiana/Wabash County". In Indiana Site Files. Indiana DNR-DHPA (Ed). Released: 2014-02-05. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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