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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Grouping Old World monkey
Observation Number (Open Context) 4
Subspecies Cercocebus torquatus
Common name Red-capped mangabey
Period of study September 1983 - February 1984, June 1985 - February 1986
Country or Region Cameroon
Method Feeding traces and direct observation
Wet season Major rainy season: September - November, Minor rainy season: March - May
Dry season Major dry season: December - February, Minor dry season: June - August
Environment Evergreen forest, with littoral forest
Altitude (m) 100 - 200
% Fruit 62.8
% Leaves 3.9
% Seeds 28.2
% Other 5.1
Fruit availability peak December - February, June - August
Low fruit availability September - November
Percentages Based on time spent feeding
Notes Data taken from Table 1
Reference Mitani 1989
Full Reference
Mitani, M. (1989). Cercocebus torquatus: adaptive feeding and ranging behaviours related to seasonal fluctuations of food resources in the tropical rain forest of South-western Cameroon. Primates, 30 (3): 307-323. [Available at:]
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Rebecca Haywood. (2020) "Old World monkey 4 from Africa/Cameroon/Campo Animal Reserve, Cameroon". In Database of non-human primate dietary studies. Rebecca Haywood (Ed). Released: 2020-08-21. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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