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Database of non-human primate dietary studies

A database summarising all known and accessible studies (that the author is aware) of non-human primate diets, ranging from apes, New World and Old World monkeys

Project Abstract


This database was used as a fundamental component of my PhD project, which analysed non-human primate craniofacial morphology in relation to their known diets. By compiling all known and accessible dietary studies of non-human primates from the published literature, it aims to be as comprehensive as possible for each species and subspecies analysed. The methods used vary by each study, but studies are grouped within each species based on their method employed (e.g., focal animal sampling, faecal analysis and analysis of stomach contents).

Methodological notes:

A summary of information relating to dietary studies of different species and subspecies of non-human primates from the published literature. Information includes: period of study, location, method of observation, time of the wet and dry seasons, type of environment, altitude, percentages of foods consumed, periods of fruit abundance/ shortage, additional notes taken and citations.

Potential applications of the dataset:

This dataset can be used as a basis from which to explore the diets of non-human primates further. Students and researchers starting out on research projects can find essential details relating to the diets of non-human primates, and subsequently know which articles will be useful for their research topic.


This database forms a part of the author's PhD research, which was funded by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, at the University of Sheffield.

Related publications:

Haywood, R. (2019). An assessment of dietary adaptations and mandibular morphology in non-human primates, as comparative models for early hominins. PhD Thesis, University of Sheffield. References for each dietary study are available in the attached bibliography.

Current disposition of the physical collection:

All data collected for this database are available through journals, textbooks and some from PhD/ masters theses.

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