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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Type Male Votaries with Vegetal Wreaths and Fillets and Sculpted Votive Offerings
Title Votary Left Hand with Fruit
Excavation Unit 44
Stratigraphic Unit 4414
Context Found in a sterile alluvial fill over an ancient, robbed-out area of the northern section of the peribolos of the Hellenistic-Roman phase of the sanctuary (EU 44/SU 4414).
Current Location Larnaka District Archaeological Museum, Cyprus
Material Limestone
Height (cm) 7.7
Width (cm) 5.3
Date 480 – 30 BCE
Thickness (cm) 3.6
Weight (kg) 0.091
Description Under- life-size left hand holding a spherical piece of fruit; there is a clean break that extends from below the wrist to the base of the thumb. Chisel marks delineate each finger with sharp transitions; the marks become more pronounced and squared closer to where fingers meet the hand. The hand holds the piece of fruit pinched between the thumb and middle finger, supported by the index finger. Fingernails rendered by shallow grooves mark the tip of each finger. The top of the piece of fruit has a divot crossed by an Xx-shaped groove, which likely represents the source of its stem. No evidence of pigment. Small porous holes on worked surface and encrustations on broken surface due to natural weathering.
Commentary Fruits are a common hand-held attribute among both male and female votary statues dedicated in Cypriot sanctuaries; other common votive gifts include pyxides (see AAP-AM-1072), phialae (see AAP-AM-4457), branches, flowers, animals (e.g., goats, rams [seee.g., AAP-AM-1380], bulls), and, especially, birds. The identification of the type of fruit is difficult, but the presence of a stem core suggests an apple (cf., the apples sculpted on a Roman cippus in the MMA [(Hermary and Mertens 2015: 382, cat. no. 506]), rather than a pomegranate, which has a distinctly different star-burst stem that ancient Cypriot sculptors managed to re-create naturalistically in limestone. A similar approach to the stem core, including the Xx-shaped pattern, is found on a so-called “Temple Girl” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Hermary and Mertens 2015: 212, cat. no. 274). Antoine Hermary and Joan Mertens (2015: 225, cat. no. 298) also published a strikingly similar example, also fragmentary and presumably broken off of a votary statue, from Golgoi-Ayios Photios, identified as an apple.
Bibliography Unpublished
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Derek Counts, Erin Averett, Kevin Garstki. (2020) "AAP-AM-3945 from Europe/Cyprus/Athienou-Malloura". In Visualizing Votive Practice: Exploring Limestone and Terracotta Sculpture from Athienou-Malloura through 3D Models. Derek B. Counts, Erin Walcek Averett, Kevin Garstki, Michael Toumazou (Ed). Released: 2020-07-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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