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Parnell Zooarchaeology

An experiment to work toward Darwin Core modeling of zooarchaeology for interoperability with VertNet

Project Abstract

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This project represents an experimental test-case to integrate zooarchaeological data published by Open Context with VertNet, via the Darwin Core metadata standard.

In relating these zooarchaeological data with a wider bioinformatics community, this experiment provides a basis for developing "ZooarchNet", a collaborative data-sharing initiative led y Dr. Kitty Emery, Associate Curator, with the Florida Museum of Natural History. She intends ZooarchNet to become a digital environmental archaeology portal that focuses on mobilizing zooarchaeological specimen-level data using tools pioneered for publishing biological and paleontological data, while also creating persistent links to, and among, open-data archaeological repositories.

By doing so, ZooarchNet will facilitate data interoperability across a growing network of information resources spanning multiple disciplines, creating a foundation for integrative big-data research at the interface of archaeology and biology, and opening the door to the development of distributed data networking in archaeology.

Neill Wallis provided the zooarchaeological data and archaeological context information provided here. For the time being, the same data are modeled in Darwin Core at:

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