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Köşk Höyük Faunal Data

Faunal data from the site of Köşk Höyük, Turkey, recorded between 2004-2011 in the excavation field house and the Niğde Museum

Project Abstract


This dataset was initially created as part of Arbuckle's dissertation research focused on reconstructing broad patterns of change in animal economies in prehistoric central Anatolia with a particular focus on sheep and goat husbandry. As a result, for some contexts all taxa were recorded while in others only sheep and goat remains were recorded.

Goals of the Project

Assess the nature of the animal economy in the late seventh and early sixth millennium cal BC site of Köşk Höyük.

History of the Assemblage

The assemblage was recovered under the direction of site director Aliye Öztan, Ankara University, DTCF Fakultesi between 1995 and 2011. It is curated in cardboard and plastic crates in the attic storage depot of the Niğde Museum, Niğde, Turkey.


  • Collection and recording procedures: The faunal assemblage was collected via hand-picking by experienced workmen. Context information includes grid square, archaeological level, and sometimes a description of the locus and associated finds.
  • Recording system: Standard zooarchaeological data were recorded for all taxa; in some cases only sheep and goats were initially recorded from some samples. See sampling notes.

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Publication Note

Open Context published this dataset as part of a larger data integration project involving participants in the Anatolia Zooarchaeology Working Group (led by Benjamin Arbuckle). The project " Biogeography of Early Domestic Animals using Linked Open Data " was funded with a Computable Data Challenge award from the Encyclopedia of Life. The project published and integrated zooarchaeological data from 13 sites in Turkey, spanning the Epipaleolithic through the Bronze Age. Open Context editors made the integrated and published data in this study available for convenient mass-download in tabular (CSV) form via GitHub .

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