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July 28, 2000

I have opened a new locus on the Southwest corner where the ash sample is. We were unable to take a decent ash sample. We will take elevations again because there may be a mistake.

We are digging in L1009. It is a 1x1 m square and we are trying to find what is around the ash (that we couldn't take). We are digging L1007 from the South to the kitchen (in the center of the trench) and we are trying to find the rest of the rock circle at the bottom and we will check the section in the North to see if we can make anything of the reddish material with white chunks (L1010). Peter is going to take the nice-rimmed pot out. He is digging from the West to the pot along the South Baulk.

There are some rocks under the big rimmed pot and they are at the same level with the kitchen/surface. The rim that we found in L1007 doesn't fit to the big pot. So we won't put that with the big pot. It is thinner than the big pot.

The rocks that are at the same level with the kitchen/surface will be removed. I will give a different Kt# to the rim (1061).

We found some of the shiny crumbly rock that we found a part of yesterday. One part is in L1009 and one is in L1007 (bottom), at the same level with the other pieces of that shiny crumbly rock.

We found some more rocks in L1009 around the West edge of the circle formed by things in Elvan's kitchen. It is a big pile of rocks and broken pottery.

In the Southwest we have dropped L1009 by 5 cm and there are a lot of rocks and some shiny stuff along the West baulk in the Northwest corner of the square we dug. Nothing much on the East side of that L1009 square.

We have cut deeply L1006 towards the East baulk around the rocks. On the North of our cut into the kitchen with L1007 we have run across more L1010 red-white dirt, which is good and expected.

We have quite a beautiful thing going down in the Southeast. There is a straight line heading Northwest.

We found a different kind of dirt in the South side of the rock feature. And we removed the rock there (in the South of the rock feature). There are a lot of big white pieces there also. We are leaving the white part and removing the dirt around it.

We seem to have found brick on top of the wall, it is red with white flecks in the section and towards the center. We cut into the kitchen to come south into it.

Peter's Best Theory: He decided that all the rocks in the area decided to migrate to our trench because we are so excited about rocks. The dead rock garden told them about his love for rocks. And some of them decided to create a wall, a straight line, but some of them thought that we would like another rock garden, so they formed a more unordered set of stones.

We are now leveling the middle part of the trench to the elevation of the West part. There was a big white rock but then Andy stepped on it and now we are removing the pieces. It was in the South side of the wall, we Munselled it as Gley1 8/1 Light greenish gray.

We have flattened and removed 1007, there are more rocks on the other (West) side, possibly connected. The probe has shown the side of the rock pile. We have one mudbrick to the South of the probe above the wall. Also in the baulk we see mudbrick-redder.

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Date 2000-07-28
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Has note The purpose of the daily journal was to record the activities taking place in a trench each day. This included which loci were excavated, how and why loci were excavated and the ongoing impressions of the relationships among loci. It should be noted that journals record the actions, impressions and ideas of trench supervisors during the excavations. They are not, therefore, the final interpretations or syntheses of the emerging data.
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