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July 24, 1997


In order to establish a clear section through the carbon soil layers (Locus 10, 12, 13) and what they overlay, the area of S 26 E 137 was dropped apporximately 25 cm to a depth of 115 cm. b.d.  Lying directly below the LOCUS 13 soil is a reddish clayey soil with a very sporadic carbon (LOCUS 14) in its uppermost layer.  At the bottom of the section a yellowish soil (LOCUS 15) was encountered in patches along with a flat rock surface which appears to be bedrock.  This yellowish soil and the red clayey soil are free of any material.  This sounding will be extended to the western baulk in E 136 to create a clear section.

In preperation for drawing the four sections in S 25-26 E 136-139, the baulks were trimmed down in the west half of the trench.

From Locus 13 in S 26 E 137, 7 small fragments of tile were recovered with 1/6 of a latte of pottery and bone fragments.

The baulk trimming produced 6 fragments of tile and 1/6 latte of pottery and bone.

A.M. Cont.

In meteres S 27, E 137-138 work was behgun removing the higher level stones and lowering the northern portion of these meteres.  The soil was a medium brown soil with some carbon inclusions (LOCUS 16).  A bronze flake (#1) was found; other recovery quantities will be recorded in the afternoon, as work here will continue.


Work continued in the northern portions of S 27, E 137-138 lowering the area to approx. 65-66 cm. b.d. in LOCUS 16, and further defining the north edge of the stone concentration in these meters.  The northern baulk of these meters was also straightened in the course of this work.  1/5 of latte of pottery and bone and 20-22 fragments tile and plaster.  Also from this area was a fragment of a loom weight (#2)

In S 26, E 136 the last of the LOCUS 12 soil was removed to a depth of 90-95 cm b.d.  This produced 10 fragments of pottery and 3 terracotta/plaster.  The area was then lowered, after removing several small (10-15 cm) stones, to a depth of approx. 115 cm b.d.  The stratigraphy in this area is not as clearly defined as to the immediate east in S 26 E 137, however, there does seem to be the same succession of layers: the LOCUS 10 carbon filled layer; LOCUS 12, a more greenish carbon soil; a slightly darker carbon soil LOCUS 13; and LOCUS 14 the reddish clayey soil.

P.M. (Cont.)



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