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June 21, 1983


  • Tile: 6
  • Pottery: 3

Meters X,Y-67,68 were taken down to ~40cm (just ~10cm above the "floor") with pick and shovel and checking of soil in wheelbarrow.  Also the huge stump in X-67,68 was removed.  Directly below this stump the "floor" was encountered.  the soil was light, and contained pithos fragments

For Tuesday June 21, 1983:T26.1982,1983 [ ]

and carbon specks.  The stump in meters Y,Z-70,71 were also removed, leaving ~10cm of soil just above the floor.  Note that meters X,Y-67,68 contained some fine bucchero and other fine ware.

Meters beta-gamma,62-64 continued to be excavated around the stumps to a depth of ~30cm, apparently somewhat above the floor in meters beta,gamma-62,63, while beta,gamma-64 was taken deeper, ~35cm, to what appears to be floor.  A sark layer of soil was encountered in beta-64 at ~30cm and was left there.  Note that what may be a large portion of an inverted pan tile was uncovered in beta-63 at ~25cm  and was left in the soil.  It will be excavated later.  The pottery in beta,gamma-62,64 contained  an unusually large amount of "fineware"--bucchero and other fabrics in small, delicate shapes.  Some of these were recorded as "finds" today.  Initial work at removing the stumps in alpha,beta,gamma-62-64

was undertaken, though not completed.  The stumps in beta-66 were partially removed.  Note that the soil of beta,gamma-62-63, which now are at a depth of ~25-30cm, apparently slightly above the floor, contained pithoi fragments, amorphous terracotta lumps, and vitrified (burnt) tiles.  Pithos was also found in beta,gamma-64.  Carbonized wood specks were found throughout beta,gamma-62,64.  Meters alpha,beta,gamma-62-66 are now shown on map, page : floor with column bases imbedded is found throughout alpha-62-66 and beta,gamma-64-66.  Beta,gamma-62,63 contain soil just above the floor (at ~30cm) while a small strip of unexcavated earth exists in beta,gamma-63/64.

Several unknown terracotta lumps and burnt tile were found today and were carried to the magazzino.




  • Find #7
  • T/65-67
  • Ionic bowl fragments





  • Find #13
  • X-alpha,67-71
  • 40cm
  • Stamped pottery, found in pottery box


  • Find #14
  • X,Y-67,68
  • 40cm
  • Incised bucchero handle--found on pottery table
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