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June 22, 1983


  • Tile: 3
  • Pottery: 6

The stump in meters S-64,65, which was in the baulk which ran from meters R-W,64/65, was removed and the meters were taken to ~60cm in depth.  There appears to be a great deal of soil above the floor at this depth in these meters (possibly 30cm of soil covering--i.e., the floor may lie at 90cm in depth).  Beneath this stump the coil contained much carbon and at ~60cm the soil was red-orange in color.  There is much pottery in the soil beneath and around the stump--most of it fineware of all fabrics, including bucchero.  "Fineware" refers to delicate or designed vessels.  Some pot profiles may be found among the sherds collected.  The stump itself was not completely cleaned and still contains much soil which must be extracted.  Four boxes of pottery and one cassetta of tile were recovered from

For Wednesday, June 22, 1983: T26.1982,1983 [ ]


Elsewhere, the large stump in Z-66/67 was removed.  Beneath this there was "floor" which suffered little, if any, damage during the stump's removal.  Also, the tree in Z-69 was removed.  Slight damage was incurred to the floor beneath the tree when the tree and its stump were felled.

The soil remaining unexcavated in beta,gamma-63,64 was taken to ~20cm (above the floor, still).  A concentration of small bronze sheet fragments were encountered in gamma-63 at ~20cm--ivory was also found here.  The inverted pan tile in beta-63 (see yesterday's entry ) was removed with mestalina and was just that--an inverted pan tile.

Other stumps removed today lay in meters gamma-65,gamma-63,beta-63 and two small ones in beta-66.  Some damage may have been done to the floor in meters gamma-65,66 during stump removal.  It is difficult to discern whether the "floor" exists into these meters at this point in time.  The (continued on pg. )


  • Find #6
  • Beta,gamma-62-66
  • ~20cm
  • Ridgepole fragment with finished end--found in tile cassetta




stump descended through the "floor" if the "floor" does indeed exist here.  The same can be said for meter gamma-63 during stump removal here.  It is difficult to tell if "floor" exists in this meter.  And again, the same situation occurred during removal of the stump in beta-63--some damage may have been done to the floor.  Beneath this stump an intense layer of black soil or black "disintegrated" "floor" was encountered indicating burning.  The stump in alpha-63 was only partially removed but much bronze sheet was recovered from this meter during the preparation for this stump's removal.

The only stumps which still must be removed from meters X-gamma,62-71 are gamma-63,64 and the one in alpha-63.  Two cassette of tile and two pottery boxes were recovered from teh stump removal  operations and excavation of the unexcavated strip in beta,gamma-63/64 in X-gamma-,62=71.  (Note that beta,gamma-67-71 remain unexcavated.

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