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July 16, 1997


Began work by cleaning the northwest and southeast corners of R13 of remaining backfill.  The stones in these areas, which may belong to the orientalizing building, were cleaned down and defined.  In the southeast corner a small portion of washout was cleared from the baulk which had been left along the western 2/3 of the interior south wall of R13. This was done in order to determine whether the north-south orientalizing wall in R13 formed a corner with the several flat stones which appear to form the lowest coursing of the southern east-west wall of the orientalizing building in the southeast corner of R13.  Several medium sized stones were exposed which seem to be in line with the foundations, however the area needs to be expanded in order to determine this more fully.  3 fragments of pottery, 1 bone, and 10 tile/terracotta fragments wer recovered here; while three fragments of pottery, 2 bones, and 3 tile fragments were recovered from the northwest corner.

Yesterday's cut in meters S25-26 E139-138 was completed through meters S25-26 E137-136.  The

A.M. con't.

soil, Locus 10, was medium brown with heavy carbon and some plaster.  The area, although uneven, was brought to a level of 70-75 cm.b.d.  In the course of this work several decorated bucchero fragments, incised rim (#1), decorated handle (#2), and portion of fenestrated winghandle (#4) were found, along with a fragment of high-fire ceramic- possibly Greek (#3).  As the floor level of the orientalizing structure should be within 5-10 cm. of the current trench level it has been decided to locate diagnostic fragments to the cm. when possible, therefore the 3 bucchero fragments mentioned above have been plotted.  Ceramic and terracotta quantities will be recorded this afternoon.


A.M. (con't.)



  • find #2
  • S26, E137 (S25.46, E136.65)
  • 72 cm.b.d.
  • Locus 10
  • bucchero handle


  • find #4
  • S26 E136 (S25.22 E135.7)
  • 75 cm.b.d.
  • Locus 10
  • bucchero winghandle frag. w/ fenestration


This morning'spick cut through S25-26 E136-137, Locus 10, produced 1 nearly full latte of pottery and bone and 20-22 fragments of terracotta.

Effort to level out the trench flor continued in meters S25-26 E136-137.  Lowering the floor to approximately 72-73 cm.b.d.  The material recovered from this area E136 meters was kept separated from that in E137 meters.  And 3 terracotta fragments and 1/4 of a latte of pottery and bone were recovered in meters E137.

All specific finds were plotted to the cm.

P.M. (con't.)



  • find #6
  • S25 E136 (S24.05 E135.44)
  • 69 cm.b.d.
  • Locus 10
  • impasto, conical foot w/ concentric circle stamp
  • modern breaks very fragmentary


  • find #7
  • S26 E137 (S25.17 E136.02)
  • 73 cm.b.d.
  • Locus 10
  • bronze piece, bucklefry?
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