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August 7, 2000

We opened up Area F today. After taking initial elevations I told the workers to dig 20 cms for L2000. Digging was slow at first because we only had two wheelbarrows for three trenches. In addition to that I only had two workers because some of them were commandeered to dig a cut into the east side of the tepe.

The soil at this level is topsoil fill. It is brownish gray in color. The terrain is maked by plow furrows.

We just found out that "60 Minutes" is coming.

After digging down 20 cms I noticed that the soil seemed redder and softer. Because of this I closed L2000 and opened a new locus, L2001. As of yet there are no indications of anything special. Tomorrow I may split the trench in half and stagger it so I have a section to see what is going on.

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Date 2000-08-07
Year 2000
Has note The purpose of the daily journal was to record the activities taking place in a trench each day. This included which loci were excavated, how and why loci were excavated and the ongoing impressions of the relationships among loci. It should be noted that journals record the actions, impressions and ideas of trench supervisors during the excavations. They are not, therefore, the final interpretations or syntheses of the emerging data.
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Brian Bingham. (2012) "F-2-2000-08-07 from Asia/Turkey/Kenan Tepe/Area F/Trench 2/Locus 2000". In Kenan Tepe. Bradley Parker, Peter Cobb (Ed). Released: 2012-03-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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