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Data Table of Sheep-Goat Bone Specimen Characterized for Biochemical Collagen Characterization

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This table describes animal bones used in the 2nd study of bone collagen conducted by Michael Buckley and Sarah Whitcher Kansa.

Because the taxonomic identification of sheep and goat bone specimens can be less than certain, collagen analysis can be a useful way to improve confidence in taxonomic identification. The bone specimens represented in this table were specifically selected because they were difficult to differentiate between sheep and goat using morphological characteristics alone.

These data are referenced in the following paper:

Buckley, M. and Kansa, S.W. Collagen fingerprinting of archaeological bone and teeth remains from Domuztepe, South Eastern Turkey.Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (2011) 3: 271.

Update Notes

  • This table was updated in December 2014 to add Linked Data references.
  • The Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences publication has a no longer functioning link to this table. The link "" should read "".
Data Sources
Domuztepe Excavations (111)
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Sarah Whitcher Kansa. (2011) "Data Table of Sheep-Goat Bone Specimen Characterized for Biochemical Collagen Characterization". In Domuztepe Excavations. Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Carter (Ed). Released: 2011-08-05. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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