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Description Wall in NE corner, Has two clearly defined faces. Made up of fist sized stone runs W-E No. of courses = 1 . Built after F605 but was probably contemporary with it.
Year Opened 1997-04-03
Trench-n 685.0
Trench-e 405.0
Initials ak
Coord_1-n 688.0
Coord_1-s 409.0
Coord_2-n 689.0
Coord_2-s 409.0
Begin Depth 102.19
End Depth 102.05
Later Than L1519
Earlier Than L1518
Contemporary With F605
Discovery Lot L1516
Cleaning Lot L1518/9
Removal Lot L1524
Suggested Citation

Elizabeth Carter, Stuart Campbell. (2010) "Feature 604 from Asia/Turkey/Domuztepe/IV". In Domuztepe Excavations. Elizabeth Carter, Stuart Campbell (Ed). Released: 2010-12-12. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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