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Tal-e Malyan (Anshan) is the principle site in the Kur River Basin, and was one of Iran's major settlements and political centers during the late 3rd and 2nd millennium BCE. Archaeologists first identified Tal-e Malyan as Anshan after the discovery of inscribed bricks on the surface fo the site in the 1970s.

Open Context received only zooarchaeological data for this project. Please refer to other publications for additional information about the site, excavations, stratigraphy, and other findings.

Site location information for Tal-e Malyan (ancient Anshan) from ArchAtlas as below:

'OpenAtlas Site Information: Tal-e Malyan', ArchAtlas, February 2010, Edition 4,, Accessed: 09 June 2011
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Melinda A. Zeder. (2011) "Malyan from Asia/Iran". In Tal-e Malyan Zooarchaeology. Melinda A. Zeder (Ed). Released: 2011-06-18. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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