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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Layer Date Start 900
Layer Date Start Suffix BC
Layer Date End 50
Layer Date End Suffix BC
Publictation Status Published
Publictation Year 2016
Definition soil above crushed tufo floor 1216 in room 4
Formation Process Accumulation
Stratigraphic Reliability Fair
Stratigraphic Unit Type Anthropic
Elevation Maximum 63.0
Elevation Minimum 63.0
In Elevation Drawing False
Has Photosmodels False
Clay 10.0
Silt 90.0
Soil Matrix Cohesive
Soil Compation Compact
Soil Color Brown
Observations excavated with pickaxe and trowel on warm, sunny day. Special find 227 (miniature ceramic vessel)
Position Room 4 north-west of center of Area B
Shape irregular
Layer Surface slopes down slightly southward. Occasional rubble inclusions visible on surface.
Layer Thickness Observations thicker at southern end, especially southwest corner
Layer Interface Sharp
Finds Observations 2016 edit: one fragment of white plaster.
Originally Filled Date 2010-07-28
Originally Revised Date 2010-07-28
Originally Entered Date 2010-11-06
Originally PDF Date 2010-07-29
Record Revised Date 2016-07-26
Interpretation a layer partly covering the southern half of the tufo floor in room 4. The tufo floor appeared right under this fine grained layer of ca. 3-10cm thickness. It seems to resemble one of the most original abandonment activities within this room.
Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Anthropic Soil Inclusions
  • Tiles, Rare
  • Painted Plaster, Rare
  • Pottery
Organic Soil Inclusions Animal Bones, Rare
Anthropic Soil Inclusion Details
  • Soil Inclusion Class and Frequency [Record: 1769]
    Class: Tiles, Frequency: Rare
    Soil Inclusion Details
    [No details]
  • Soil Inclusion Class and Frequency [Record: 3515]
    Class: Painted Plaster, Frequency: Rare
    Soil Inclusion Details
    [No details]
  • Soil Inclusion Class and Frequency [Record: 7900]
    Class: Pottery, Frequency: [Not recorded]
    Soil Inclusion Details
    [No details]
Organic Soil Inclusion Details
Soil Inclusion Class and Frequency [Record: 6060]
Class: Animal Bones, Frequency: Rare
Soil Inclusion Details
[No details]
Property or Relation Value(s)
Temporal Coverage
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Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato. "Unit 1275 from Italy/Gabii/Area B". (2017) In The Gabii Project. Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato (Eds.) . Released: 2017-06-04. Open Context. <>

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