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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Monument ID 105
Publication Citation CIL
Monument Type boundary inscription
Monument Of Seventh Legion yes
Inscription L[---] / [---]nus Laco / [cent(urio?)] leg(ionis) VII iudex / [--- datu]s ex convent/[ione eo]r(um) ab L(ucio) Volu[sio] / Saturnino le[g(ato)] / [p]ro pr(aetore) C(ai) Caesari[s] / [A]ugusti Germ[a]/[ni]ci inter Ned[i]/[tas et
Translation L[-]NUS Laco, a centurion(?) of the 7th legion, was appointed, according to the agreement of both parties, by Lucius Volusius Saturninus the propraetorial legate of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, as judge between the Neditae and the [
Translation Source Coopey, edit of Tončinić 2011
Date From 37
Date To 41
Date Note Dated based off of the fact that the inscription mentions Caligula.
ModernHolding lost
HoldingData Wilkes 1969 claimed he saw the inscription in Fransiscan monestary in Karin, but it was not there in 2011 according to Tončinić.
Suggested Citation

Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton. (2024) "Monument 105 from Europe/Croatia/Dalmatia (Roman Province)". In Community and Identity in the Roman Seventh Legion. Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton (Ed). Released: In prep. Open Context. <>

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