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N 3747 (TC) [ed.: See also N 2640.] Map D3; photos C 0212, C 0213, C 0781, C 0814, C 7750, C 7751, C 7752, C 7753, C 7754, C 7755, C 7756, C 8503, C 8504, C 8574

Layer of stones and radim on floor. Above number of Copts, lying one upon another in all directions.

  1. On top layer. Head south.
  2. Child in corner x. Head south.
  3. Child in corner. Behind and partly under 2. Head south. Lying on stomach.
  4. Top layer in middle. Head south.
  5. Across(?) tomb. Head southwest. Under head of 1 and 4. Head broken/between of upper bones fallen through(?) on both ----. There had been 2 earrings of bronze and carnelian.
  6. Top layer . Head ----- west of 4. Lying on --- side.
  7. Middle layer, in middle of tomb . Head west.
  8. Middle layer, near north end. Head west. Laid on large stones to keep it from touching under bodies.
  9. Under 7 and 8. Head southwest.
  10. Partly under 9 near door. Head southwest.
  11. Partly under 10 near door. Head southwest. Under bottom layer, about 20 of radim to floor of tomb. In northeast corner, a number of rough limestone boulders.
  12. Under 7 and 8, nearer end of tomb. Head southwest.
  13. Partly under 13, near door. Head southwest.
  14. Small child near northeast corner, under 8. Head southwest.
  15. Small child against north wall, top . Head west. Feet projecting beyond door of small chamber.
  16. Young child. Top layer at door of small chamber.
  17. ---- 16 Sloping down into small chamber. Head just outside door. Head south.
  18. By north wall, legs across door of small chamber. Under 14 and 15. Head west.
  19. Immediately under 18. Head west.
  20. Partly under 19, nearer door . Head west.
  21. Partly under 17. Head at door.
  22. Child, under 21. Head just outside door. Head south.
  23. Under 21, sloping into small chamber. Head south. Head fallen away from body.
  24. By side of 23, skull and scattered bones of a very young child.

In filling outside chamber, pieces of several Coptic vases. Large dish (i) with (ii) and several dishes with black paint and incised line decoration. Also pieces of ornamented wooden wool corders (?) (iii).

7 children.

  1. Adult male. Tied round with the usual vertical and horizontal bindings of 2-fiber cord. A few additional horizontal bindings of cloth cord. Wrapped in a single covering of rough cloth (not sackcloth). This was brown in color, had fringed ends, and 3 bands of inwoven white threads near ends. This was folded over in usual way, and ends rolled up over head and feet. Underneath, remains of a second wrapping of yellow cloth with a band of inwoven red near ends? This had about entirely disappeared. Quantity of salt and a few plant seeds. Under body, inside wrappings, 2 palms sticks and 1 "sont" tied together at ends. Remains of 2 shirts. Hardly anything of woven shirt remaining. Large rosettes of dark cloth with decoration of original thread. Outer shirt (i). Width from seam to seam 72. Apparently same width all way down. Edges of neck hole turned over and down. Bottom of shirt plain. Bottom of sleeves like neck. Shirt made of 2 pieces of cloth. Straight join all round middle. Side seams overlapped and sewn together. Sleeves left open to wrist, then sewn ornamentation in red thread (inwoven) pattern being left in original thread. Band up front from join dividing on breast and going over shoulder and part of the way down back. Another band down center of back to join. Another band 8 from ends of sleeves.
  2. Child aged approx. 7. Wrapped first in a piece of sackcloth. This was a long shawl c. 200 long and c. 100 wide with fringed ends. The large excess was left at gut, which was thrown back and reached almost to chin. Then excess at head was thrown back, sides thrown over, and the whole tied round with fiber cord. Number of [ed.: blank] seeds on body. 1 palm stick and 1 [ed.: rubbok?] under body. Inside shirt, fastened together at either end, the cord which tied end running down stick to fasten other end. Salt on body. On left arm, iron bracelet (i). On right arm, 2 iron bracelets (ii). First shirt was used as a wrapping merely and not worn. It was opened out so (iii), and body was laid upon it. This shirt was plain, save for a slight frilling to sleeve. Underneath, remains of a more elaborate shirt with a large check pattern of open work (iv) and remains of elaborate embroidery. Sleeves and bottom? had a narrow band of red cloth sewn on with embroidery of yellow thread. First shirt (v). On right shoulder, a knob of cloth with a cord loop on other side for fastening. An extra piece 10 wide sewn on to each sleeve and join being apparently hidden by a band of embroidery sewn on. From this another band probably ran from shoulder to neck, but embroidery all gone. There had also been a narrow band round bottom of sleeves and round neck. Bottom of shirt plain.
  3. photo C 8473. Child aged approx. 10–12. Lying on stomach. Wrapped first in sackcloth and tied round with 2 kinds of cord, one of coarse 2-stranded fiber, the other fine of 2 strands, each of which was made by 3 strands. Under body, between sackcloth and shirt, 2 palm sticks of which the ends were tied together, a groove being cut in one to hold cord. Quantity of salt on body and several plant seeds. Bronze bracelet on right wrist, at join (i). On left, a similar bracelet, but without ornamentation. Round neck, a string of green glass beads and also a few green glaze disc beads, not on same string? Over head, remains of a net cap with tassel. Shirt had a narrow band of blue cloth with yellow thread decoration sewn on round neck and bottom of sleeves in band running over shoulders and down sleeves? Bottom of shirt had a fringed end and some distance above it, a line of drawn work with rosettes at intervals. Very little of the wool insertion left. Shirt made of 1 piece without seam.
  4. photos C 8451, C 8456, C 8457, C 8472. Female aged approx. 25–28: bones only recently ossified. Tied round first with a rough network of horizontal 2-strand fiber cord. Above it, 2 bindings of vertical cords, 2 in each. Also tied round feet with a number of thin strips of cloth. Wrapped in 2 shawls which completely covered body of fairly coarse cloth with fringed edges and a line of embroidery near each edge. Outer shawl: 14 from fringe, a line of wool work 4.5 wide. Various patterns worked in red, green, yellow, and blue. The wool was worked onto warp of original cloth. These patterns were bounded by lines of the cloth thread. At head, end rolled up into a tight roll to rest on top of the head. At either end, there were 3 bands of coarser woof thread. Inner shawl: Much smaller, only covered top of body and halfway underneath. Similar band of wool work, but less elaborate and apparently only yellow and blue wool used. This shawl was wrapped round feet, but only came up to neck. Head fallen out of position. By it, out of position, there was a circlet (i) made by crossing ends and then twisting round so that circlet could be enlarged and contracted. This was made of copper. Under body, 3 palm sticks between wrappings and shirt. These were tied together at either end. One had a groove cut at the end for cord. Between wrappings and shirt, there was a regular layer of salt. A few plant seeds also on body. Round neck, a string of shells and glass beads, strung apparently with a string of shells together with 3 glass at intervals. Also strung on it, a silver ? cross. Remains of dark straight brown hair. By head, inside wrappings, a small glass bottle (ii) with an indentation each side and at bottom (MFA 47.1685). By head, remains of a hood of red cloth and black net work. On left forearm, 1 copper ? bracelet with ends (iii) and 1 of twisted palm? On right forearm, a similar copper? and 2 palm? On right arm above elbow, 2 ? bracelets. On left arm above elbow, 3 ? bracelets, 1 with key attached. By head, 2 earrings (iv). By right hand, plain copper ring. By left hand, 2 rings of twisted hair. Remains of 2 shirts. Outer: Round bottom, a band of blue cloth 5 wide sewn on exactly at bottom. On the blue, a pattern in white thread (v). At sides, where seams joined, this band extended up for about 6. Seams were corded. Near bottom, 2 on front and 2 on back, 4 large rosettes (vi), on 2 sides woven in, on 2 sides sewn. Edges corded. Alternate yellow, red, and green on a blue ground. Inside red ground. On this, 2 very rough figures picked out in blue thread with green dresses. Inner shirt, which was a good deal darned, had a somewhat similar blue strip sewn on bottom, but projected considerably below bottom of cloth (vii). Seams at sides corded. Like other shirt, had apparently 4 rosettes near bottom designs ? Also, from top of shirt, there were bands of red cloth, some showing lions? in blue and green, some alternate hares and flowers. Sleeves had double rows of hares and flowers. photo C 8451, C 8477
  5. Female aged approx. 20–23. Most of bones just ossified. Tied first with horizontal bindings of coarse 2-strand fiber cords. Then above with 2 vertical bindings of 4 and 3 cords respectively of fine 2-strand fiber cords. These were bound as usual (i). Wrapped in a single wrapping of sackcloth folded over in usual way, flaps on body being sewn together with thin fiber cord. Quantity of salt on body. On finger of right hand, 4 rings, 2 of bone and 2 of bronze or copper, with small bezel (ii). On left wrist, bracelet of copper? Ends (iii). On left finger, bone ring. At either side of body, not underneath, a palm stick that on right side being outside and on left side inside shirt. Upper part of body disturbed and much damaged. Over skull, an additional pad of cloth. This consisted of an older shirt, which had once been embroidered. Two shirts on body. The outer one was of thin yellow cloth. Round bottom, a strip of blue cloth was sewn on, 13 wide, with decoration in white and yellow thread (iv). Down front and back, 2 broad lines of colored cloth inwoven (v). Thin lines of original cloth left between the lines. By head, 2 earrings (vi). Skeleton of fetus within. Bones fully formed. Between the shirts, round stomach, a belt of cloth 6 wide or folded up to that width. This was tied at the back. Similar band round sleeves and also a thin band of blue sewn on at cuff. Ends of sleeves corded. Inner shirt almost all destroyed. Sewn on to bottom of skirt, a band of blue 13 wide with patterns in yellow.
  6. Adult male. Tied first with coarse 2-strand fiber rope. Above, bound vertically and horizontally with strong cord with additional horizontal bindings of finer cord. Wrapped on outside in a single wrapping of sackcloth folded over in usual way. Underneath, a wrapping of ordinary, rather coarse, cloth. This enveloped body completely and was tied round neck with strong cord. (After second photograph, body was turned on back.) This wrapping was turned back over body. Round feet, it was wound round and tied by ends of the fringing. On chest, the ends were sewn together with cord. Round neck, it was tied and also bound by a corner of the cloth wound round. Ends of this wrapping were fringed and starting at 19 in from fringe at either end, there were 5 lines of wool patterns sewn onto cloth. Underneath remains of an embroidered shirt, but only just enough to show that there had been one. Number of plant seeds on body and a quantity of salt. Under body, inside both wrappings, 2 palm sticks and 1 “sont.” These were tied together at either end. Remains of dark brown straight hair.
  7. Adult. Female? Tied first with a rough horizontal network of 2-strand fiber cord. Then 2 vertical bindings of 3 and 4 cords respectively. These were fastened by cords, which went under body, and by separate crossing cords between them (i). Near feet, 1 strip of palm leaf bound round. Wrapped in a single shawl of sackcloth with plain edges and a line of open work near each end. Sides and ends folded over in usual way. Inside, a wrapping of fine black cloth. Quantity of salt. Several seeds on body. On right side of body, not underneath, 3 palm sticks tied together at ends. These were inside black wrapping. Below, a wrapping of coarse cloth. Below, remains of a very thin cloth shirt with corded edges. Skin remaining on upper part of body. Hands resting in front of elvis.
  8. Wrapped round on outside with rough sackcloth with fringed edges. Body was laid on this. Sides were thrown over and join on top of body. Sewn together with thin fiber cord. Ends thrown back over head and feet. Then tied round with coarse 2-strand fiber cords horizontally in a rough network. Then tied with 2 double cords down front of body going round head and feet. To each of them were attached tape bindings, which went underneath body, a network of similar tapes joining the 2 double cords inside (i). These tapes were made of alternate coarse red and white threads on a warp of smaller double brown threads, (the latter) being 2 at a time at wide intervals. Sent away whole.
  9. Adult female. No back teeth in lower jaw. Tied first with 2 vertical bindings of 2-strand fiber cord tied round head and feet. To these were attached thin cords, which went round body (i). A single wrapping of sackcloth turned over in usual way. Salt and plant seeds on body. Below remains of a cloth wrapping, which completely covered body? By head, remains of a hood or veil of black cloth. Only traces left. Below, remains of a cloth shirt apparently plain. Nose of skull extraordinarily turned up. Under body, inside wrappings, 2 palm sticks fastened together at ends. These were bent to a bow shape. Shirt reached to about halfway between knees and ankles.
  10. Adult female. Bindings of 2-strand fiber cord. 3 vertical bindings first down front and round head and feet. Then horizontal bindings of 3 or 4 ends each fastened round each other and around vertical bindings in a rough network (i). Wrapped in 2 rough sackcloth shawls with fringed edges and a band of drawn work near each end. Under body, between sackcloth and shirt, 2 palm sticks. These were fastened together at either end. Quantity of salt on body. Over head and face, a covering of fine black cloth. At top, coarse net. Below, closely woven. Few plant seeds scattered on body inside wrappings. On left hand, a ring of [ed.: material not given here; in manuscript, it is bronze] with seal. On right wrist, bronze bracelet (ii).Right arm at any rate was not in sleeve of shirt. On left wrist, a similar bracelet. On left elbow, an iron bracelet. On right elbow, an iron bracelet, end overlapping, both ends so (iii). One pierced shell inside wrappings. Remains of shirt with 2 bands of colored cloth and embroidery down front. Edges corded (iv). Border blue with red semicircles. Inside red with patterns in original cloth. Remains of sleeves with a similar band.
  11. Female? Very old. No teeth left in either jaw. Tied round with vertical and horizontal single-strand cord. Tied in with cords on top. 3 or 4 rough balls of cord. Wrapped round on outside with coarse cloth, not sackcloth, with fringed edges. Edges of cloth turned over in usual way. Below, a second similar wrapping, also tied round. Over head, a mass of dark, finer cloth. Bones were considerably disarrayed. Remains of a shirt, but almost entirely rotted away. Corded edges. 2 palm sticks under body. Right humerus had been broken. 2 parts had receded and were worn down to points. Ball of left femur also broken off and decayed. Few plant seeds scattered on body. Quantity of salt on body. By left hand, a ball of cord containing a piece of pottery. Remains of another wrapping? with a wide check pattern of dark red or black thread.
  12. Female? Old. Hardly any teeth. Tied first with a few horizontal bindings, then with 2 vertical bindings of 3 cords each. These were fastened round head and feet and crossed each other in zigzag down body, being held in position by cords, which caught the loops amd passed round back (i). The cords were of fiber, 2 strand. Outside cords, remains of a cloth wrapping? This may have belonged to another burial. Covered with a single wrapping of sackcloth with fringed ends and a band of open work near each end. The ends were rolle up in usual way over head and feet. Sides were turned over and fastened together with cord. Below, wrapped in a double wrapping of cloth, which reached to knees. Ends of this were folded over in such a way that they did not meet over body. Below, another wrapping, which covered whole body including feet. Below, remains of a plain shirt with corded edges. Under body, outside shirt, 2 palm sticks. These were fastened together at either end, notches being cut to keep cords in place. Quantity of salt on body and a few plant seeds. Remains of a fine cloth veil or cap by head.
  13. 13. Adult male. On outside, tied round with 2-strand fiber cords horizontally, then with a vertical tying of 8 cords running down middle of body and tying round feet and head. Wrapped outside in a covering of sackcloth with fringed edges. Under this, body was tied round leg and by neck only. Below, more sackcloth shawl wrappings. 4 in all. Quantity of salt on body. Between sackcloth and shirt, 1 on each side of body, not below, 2 thick sticks, 1 "sont" and other sesaban? Near end of latter, head end, a pierced dom nut transfixed. Remains of 2 shirts? Outer had almost all decayed away. Had been elaborately embroidered, but only cord enclosing work left. Over head, a pad of fine cloth. This had been apparently a fringed shawl with an elaborate line of embroidery at either end, possibly only in corners. Right ulna had been broken near elbow, radius not. Upper shirt was of somewhat coarser dark cloth. Under shirt was of fine, soft, white cloth with remains of embroidery. Round sleeve from end, 2 narrow bands of red cloth with patterns in black and original cloth (all inwoven). A similar band went down front of shirt? There were also 2 rosettes of similar designs, but these were sewn onto cloth.
  14. Child aged approx. 4. Wrapped first in sackcloth and tied round. Underneath, remains of a plain linen shirt. 2 palm sticks under body, inside sackcloth. On left arm, bronze bracelet of (i) type, ends widening out (ii).
  15. Child aged approx. 5. Wrapped first in sackcloth and tied round with 2-strand fiber cord. This cloth was made of 2 pieces sewn together. Body was laid upon it, sides thrown over and excess at head and feet thrown over and tied round. Below, remains of a coarse linen shirt. This had been embroidered, but color almost all gone. Round neck, narrow red border with yellow thread decoration. Under body, between sackcloth and shirt, 2 palm sticks. Quantity of salt on body. On right arm, a bracelet of bronze, bound round and round with a strip of copper? wire (i). Similar bracelet on left arm.
  16. photos C 7787, C 8475. Small child aged approx. 3. Wrapped first in a rough cloth and tied round with fiber cord. Under this, a second wrapping of cloth with remains of embroidery, apparently a shirt. On each arm, 2 iron bracelets (i), 2 with (ii) [ed.: i.e., bezel] (MFA Eg.Inv. 1541). On breast, a cross of lead or decomposed silver. Also, a bronze bird amulet. Body covered with salt. Inner shirt apparently of usual pattern with 2 seams at each side. 1 sleeve left. Sewn for 11 up from wrist. Above open. Round bottom, a band of red cloth sewn over, and a second similar band at top of sewn part of sleeve. Bottom of shirt plain. Top? 2 or 3 corded frames of rosettes for working left, but wool almost entirely gone.
  17. photo C 8451. Adult female. Tied first with horizontal 2-strand fiber cords. Above, 2 vertical bindings of 6 cords, bound as usual (i). Round neck, an additional binding of strips of cloth. Tied in with this at neck, a quantity of loose palm fiber. Wrapped outside in a covering of sackcloth. Edges thrown over in usual way and fastened together with cord. Under this wrapping, over head, remains of black cloth. Below, wrapped in a covering of coarse cloth. This enveloped head and came down to ankles, round which it was fastened by the 2 cords. Quantity of salt between this wrapper and the shirt. Also, a few plant seeds. Skull had fallen out of position. On it, there was the remains of a net hood or veil by head, but all folded up and not in position. Also, apparently round neck, tight rolls of cloth covered with red cloth worked diagonally (ii). This was apparently attached to a thick cord. By left ear, silver? earring (iii) (MFA Eg.Inv. 1544). Right one had gone. Remains of elaborate embroidery by neck of shirt, but only outlines of patterns left. There may have been a third wrapping above shirt.
  18. Outside wrapping consisted of a cloth wrapping with fringed edges. This was a shawl on which body was laid, sides and ends being thrown over. Tied round with horizontal and vertical cords (2-stranded) of fiber. Quantity of salt. Under body, between shirt and wrapping, 1 thick “shawm” and 2 "sont" sticks. By left hand, a large twist of fiber. Remains of shirt with elaborate work, which had almost all rotted away. Over head, roll of cloth with rows of white thread inwoven. This was end of outside wrapping.
  19. photo C 8477. Adult male. Tied first with a network of 2-strand fiber horizontal bindings. Above, a few horizontal bindings of 4 strips of sackcloth down center of body and joining round head and feet. To these were also attached fiber cords, which went round body. Wrapped in a shawl of plain cloth (not sackcloth) with fringed edges folded over in usual way, ends tied round feet. Quantity of salt on body. Also, a few plant seeds. Under body on left side, but not by hand, 4 iron? rings with bezels and 2 of bronze?, 1 of usual pattern (i), other cut from a thin disc (ii). These were probably all tied together, as there was a wisp of thread by them. They were all surrounded by salt. Under body, between wrapping and shirt, 2 palm sticks. One of these was notched at the end for end, but they were not tied together nor was there any cord visible. Remains of an elaborate shirt of yellow cloth ornamented with green cloth (inwoven) with yellow stitched patterns. Wide band over each shoulder. Large rosette on either breast and on either side near bottom. This shirt reached to the knees (iii). Neck turned over and hemmed. Sides corded. Bottom finished off thick in weaving. Bottom of sleeves corded. Ornamentation in green cloth, worked in on warp, sides sewn. Pattern worked in in yellow thread. Shirt cut from one piece of cloth. Long, very curly hair.
  20. Adult. Male? Back teeth worn away. Outside wrapping of plain cloth (almost all gone) tied round with a few cords. Below, wrapping of sackcloth with numerous horizontal bindings of fiber cord and a vertical binding of 9 cords running down center of body and dividing to go round feet and head. Sticks at sides, not underneath, between sackcloth and shirt. At right side, 1 long palm, and 1 short palm, and short piece of "sont." On left side, a long "sont." Over head, several bunches of soft palm fiber. Quantity of salt on body. Remains of shirt with corded edges. photo C 8472
  21. Adult female. Remains of 2-strand fiber cords, 2 thickness. Type of tying? By feet, a bunch of cloth strips in very bad condition covered with a single wrapping(?) of plain cloth. Under body, apparently inside shirt, 4 palm sticks. Over head, remains of a net veil of twisted yellow and black cloth. Round neck, a circlet of bronze? of (i) type. Remains of shirt with a border of green or dark blue with yellow geometrical patterns sewn on to bottom. Also, remains of a large rosette near bottom with yellow, red, and blue wool embroidery. Outer shawl had a fringe and occasional lines of open work filled in with red thread. photos C 8451, C 8474
  22. Child aged approx. 10–12. Cloth very much decayed. Apparently, wrapped first in rough cloth with a large pad over head (see below). Underneath this, tied round in all directions most carefully with 2-strand fiber cord. Over head, a handmade network of coarse threads and dark green wool. Under this, a net cap or hood with knob top. On both ears, elaborate earrings (i) made of a single bronze wire by twisting. From loops hung bronze chains (ii), 2 links being made by twisting a simple wire. These differed in length. At end of each, a glass bead, but on left in one case instead of chain (iii). Fastened to main ring above a small ring (iv). On right forearm, a bronze bracelet (v). On left forearm, 2 iron bracelets. At left elbow, bracelet made by bending to a circle a thin strip of palm and binding it round and round with fiber? Round neck, a necklace consisting of a few shells, 3 small bronze crosses, a bone button, and 2 or 3 green glass beads threaded on cloth twist. Under body, between shirts and outer wrappings, 2 palm sticks. Quantity of salt on body. On 1 finger of left hand, 3 bronze rings and 2 bone. Remains of straight, dark brown hair. Few plant seeds on body. Underneath, apparently 2 shirts, both in very bad condition and stiff with salt. Head pad consisted of a shawl 144 x 60 with fringed edge and 2 small bands of drawn work at each end filled with green wool.
  23. Adult female. Remains of 3-strand fiber cord. Not enough left to show type. Wrapped in 2 or possibly 3 shawls of cloth, the 2 outer being fine, the inner coarse. The middle one of these had fringed ends, and near ends, a band of drawn work with decoration in dark blue and red wool. Skull had fallen away out of position. Remains of an embroidered shirt, but very little left. Under body, 1 on each side, 2 palm sticks. Quantity of salt with body. Remains of an extra pad of cloth, which had gone over head. 2 small bronze rings by body ? ? earrings. photo C 8478 ? number X [ed.: The "X" designation was apparently an official one. In the draft of his manuscript, Mace refers to this burial as 3747 F X.] Tied first with horizontal 2-strand fiber cord bindings. Then with double vertical bindings, which were fastened together and round body. By feet, a ball of extra cord. Below, wrapped in a sackcloth, ends of which did not meet on top, but underneath. Band of open work near ends. Under this, over head, 5 rolls of halfa grass tied round separately with cord. These contained a small palm stick in center as core. These rested on a bed of loose fiber, the whole being fastened to head by bindings of cord. Below, bound with additional horizontal bindings of cord. Below, a second wrapping of sackcloth similar to first, but without line of open work. Sides of this fastened together with cord. Skull fallen out of position. Vertebrae beginning to join together. 7 lightly joined in one place. On little finger of left hand, an iron ring (i). On third finger of left hand, bronze ring (ii). Round neck, remains of a leather collar? with small pendant leather bag. Remains of 2 shirts? Upper: Practically nothing left but pieces of the embroidery. Lower: Apparently nothing but a shirt reaching to breast, but possibly upper part had disappeared. This had been covered with embroidery sewn straight on to cloth without drawn work. Pattern was something of this sort, etc. (iii)
  24. Small child. Remains of a net veil over head. [ed.: According to Hearst Museum records, 6-1712 (wooden staff) and the ceramics 6-1713–6-1722 and 6-2863 are from this burial.]
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