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13 July 2017




A pick pass was made in the southern half of the trench, stretching 2 meters north.


Due to the lack of contextual evidence in the trench, our methodology for picking up dirt has changed. We will continue to break up the soil with a pick axe, however, instead of sorting by hand, we are picking up the soil with shovels and then sorting the material into buckets. We then sort the material from the buckets into a wheel barrow for a second glance to ensure no material was missed.


A pick pass was made from the center of the trench, stretching 2 M to the northern boundary of the trench.


While picking the northern half of the trench, we hit a continuation of the bedrock from the northwestern corner. It encompasses the entirety of the 2 X 2 M northwestern quadrant of the trench. It continues






through a small portion of the northeastern quadrant and the southwestern quadrant.


Locus 2 sketch with bedrock.


*Drawing of Locus 2 with bedrock*


Using handpicks and a trowel, baulk walls are being cleaned up and all found material will be organized under the context ‘baulk trim’.




In order to explore the eastern half of the trench more thoroughly, we will be extending our trench east, under the recommendation of the site director.






We will be adding a 2 X 4 M extension. The surface finds and topsoil will be declared as a new locus (Locus 3). The new trench will appear as thus.


Locus 3 addition sketch.


*Drawing of Locus 3 addition*


The coordinates of the locus 3 extension are:


NW2 (14 N, 85 E)

NE2 (14 N, 87 E)

SE2 (10 N, 87 E)

SW2 (10 N, 85 E)







Using clippers, a rake, a saw, and an axe, an area was cleared to the left of the original trench.


Using triangulation, we laid out a 2 X 4 M trench extension.


Any pottery, terracotta, etc. found along the surface of locus 3 was collected.


Opening photographs and elevations were taken for Locus 3.


Opening elevations:


NW (14 N, 85 E) – 28.55m AE

NE (14 N, 87 E) – 28.63m AE

SE (10 N, 87 E) – 28.58m AE

SW (10 N, 85 E) – 28.54m AE


Opening sketch of Locus 3 was made.


*Drawing of Locus 3*






End of day totals:


Locus 2:


Terracotta: 1 piece

Pottery: none

Bone: none


Locus 3:


Terracotta: 1 bowl (69 pieces)

Pottery: 1 piece

Bone: none


Baulk Trim:


Terracotta: 4 pieces

Pottery: 1 piece

Bone: none

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Document Type Trench Book Entry
Start Page 44
End Page 53
Trench Book Entry Date 2017-07-13
Entry Year 2017
Trench CA88
Title CA88 (KPH) excavation, p. 44-53
Entry Type Excavation
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