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June 5 - Saturday - full day

Removal of stratum B continued and as expected, produced large amounts of finds, - of utility pottery espeacially. Due to the shape of the present trench, the B layer has not yet been removed from all sections of the G -I grids, to facilitate removal of dirt from other sections with the wheelbarrow.At the very end of the day a small amount of the C layer was reached, and a strawberry bow of finds from it (utility pottery) is being sent to magazine to await further finds in this stratum. It seemed, in the small cuts made at present, that in the lowest centimeters of stratum B - i.e. those closest to stratum C - the bunt or blackened earth layer - there were found espeacially small sherds of common impasto pottery types, some with a layer of charcoal encrusted on their inner sides, but this ought to be confirmed by observation when the remaining grids are taken down to stratum C. It is noticeabl in the cuts through layer B that the upper...

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Find Photos from June 5

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...surface of stratum C is definitely uneven, with little pockets of black earth at different depths from each other - as though the surface of the deposit had originally been unevenly heaped up or depressed and not particularly even when stratum B was deposited on top of it. This too, should be confirmed later in the profiles of trench walls. Finds:



  • Find #3
  • One fragment of lateral sima, preserves plain terracotta area and apparently left side of feline spout and abraded ear
  • H 11


  • Find #4
  • One spindle whorl, shipped, truncated conical shape, with incised base - (similiar to previous finds from other araes)
  • K11 (B)


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also found were a few fragemtns of plaster with nondescript impressions

sent to magazine - 1 box utility sherds (rejected on the site were 5 different pithos fragements in poor condition and with abraded edges) from layer B - and one strawberry box from C

Tiles Dumped - 2 Boxes

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