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Cut 1: 0-10 cm.

Tile: 1/4 cassetta

Pottery: none

Soil: topsoil

Finds: none

General: none

Cut 2: 35-45 cm

Tile: 6 cassetti (plus)

Pottery: 4 boxes (plus)

Soil: In general, meters V-W/62-64 soil was loose, reddish-brown in color with a light plaster content and included carbon material, glass slag, large unburned plaster and terracotta fragments.  To the west, the soil is brown with little carbon, plaster or other extensive materials present.  By meters T-U/62-64 the soil is uniformly brown, fairly loose with scattered small stones and roots.  The northern meters exhibit increasing roots and carbon material including some large pieces.


Ridgepole fragments (approximately 3)

Terracotta statue fragment

Bronze sheet fragments (approximately 3)

Terracotta fragments (approximately 3)

Waterspout strut fragment

Vocchetto head

Alabastron neck fragment

General: Finds, pottery and tile are more concentrated to the east: particularly in the southern meters.  Despite the increasing of carbonification to the north, little of the pottery, tile, or terracotta is so damaged.



Cut 3: 70-80 cm

Tile: 7 cassette (plus)

Pottery: 5 boxes (plus)

Soil: Dark red loose soil with a high plaster content dominates the eastern metres particularly to the south.  This soil and plaster thins to the west until in U/62 it becomes a loose yellow clay with negligible pottery, plaster, tile or stone.  A dark burn layer is present in the red soil to the east until T/63-64.


Rabbit head fragments (approximately 6)

Lateral sima ends (approximately 5)

Vitrified cover tile

Terracotta fragments (approximately 10)

Rabbit head top

Heavy vessel fragment: rope pattern

Ridgepole tile with scar

Vitrified reidgepole fragment

Deformed pan tile (approximately 2)

Antefix half

Vitrified terracotta objects (approximately 2)

Painted fineware sherd

Cover tile with mark

Carbonized material

Elaborate pithos handle

Akroteria fragment

Heavy base

Bronze fragments (approximately 3)

Bronze fibula pin

Alabastron rim

Ridgepole tile

Complete rabbit head

Incised bucchero (approximately 4)

Ionic ware sherd

General: Concentrations of finds, pottery, tile and plaster remained heaviest in eastern and southern meters over supposed floor area.  In this level unburned, partially burned and vitrified materials are found together.



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