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AM T96 was laid out as a 4x4 meter trench, 4 meters to the west of the 2008 trench, CC-7. The area was cleared using a chainsaw, hedge clippers, hand clippers, and machetes to remove plant growth and underbrush. The area was then swept and raked to remove residual plant matter. Once the area was cleaned, a transit was used to map out and shoot points to establish known points on the Poggio Civitate Master Grid. This master grid is the same used in previous excavation years. The transit was then used in order to establish the elevation of our datum point relative to the absolute elevation of the site. The datum point that will be used in T96 is 24.97 meters above the absolute elevation (mAE). Drawings and opening photos of Locus 1 were taken to start the morning. The entire are of the trench was opened as a single locus, Locus 1 of T96. Locus 1 is a light brown, loosely compacted topsoil layer with small stone inclusions, as well as organic matter. There are a number of medium sized surface level stones, in no particular dispersion, as well as a number of tree stumps. Opening elevations and coordinates, Locus 1: NE: 24.51 mAE SE: 23.79 mAE SW: 23.50 mAE NW: 24.76 mAE

NE: 142m E, 92m S SE: 142m E, 96m S SW: 138m E, 96m S NW: 138m E, 92m S

[sketch of Locus 1]

Excavation began with a pickpass in the northwestern corner of the trench, roughly 1.5x1 meters. Two additional pickpasses were thrown in the northern 1.5 meters to extend across the northern extent. The northern expanse ofT96 is at a higher elevation than the southern extent. The north will be excavated first in search of the ancient levels below. Materials being recovered include terracotta tile, pottery, small quantities of bone, and a piece of modern plastic. One final pickpass was thrown in the northwestern quadrant, revealing more of the same materials that were recovered in the previous passes of the area. PM The afternoon began with a pickpass in the northeastern quadrant of T96. This area seems to be producing more material than its western counterpart. Tile and pottery continue to appear in small quantities across the higher, northern section of the trench. The central third of the northen extent of the trench remained higher than the rest of the trench and was picked again to further level the area at the highest extent of the trench.

Closing elevations Locus 1 NE: 24.37 mAE SE: 23.79 mAE SW: 23.50 mAE NW: 24.41 mAE

Daily Totals Tile Bowls: ½ bowl Pottery: 24 pieces Bone: 6 pieces

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Anthony Tuck. (2019) "T96 (2019-06-28):29-36; Excavation Activities from Europe/Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 96/T96 2019". In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed). Released: 2019-09-13. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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