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Excavation of Tesoro, Trench 15 ( For initial excavation of Tesosro 15, see JM Book 1 (1970); Cf. TG Book 3 (1968) pp. 27-53.)

June 3 - Thursday

Extension of Tesoro trench 15 to the North and East was begun in an area of 16 square meters following the previous grid designations, so that grids G-K 11-12 and G-I 13-15 are now being opened. This will expose any remaining section of a curved stone (rubble) feature exposed last year in the extreme North-East corner of T-15 (i.e. grid J-13). The immediate purpose of this cut will be to examine the enitre stone feature and its realtion to the strata already exposed in the trench. The strata to be exposed in the present cutting will be designated by the letter system of last year, unless otherwise noted:

  • A - humus
  • B - whitish-yellow soil with small stones
  • C - black soil, possibly associated with burning and containing artifacts and animal bones

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  • D - brownish soil mixed with clay and resting on top of Galestra

On the first day two cuts of 5-15 cm each ( due to the definite falling away of the original ground level to the south - as mentioned in previous excavation) were made, removing all of layer A - a thick humus. Tiles etc. in this layer have certainly been disturbed by the trees, and are also extremely weathered and encrusted. Finds:

  • 1 - one fragment of frieze plaque - unidentified: upper left corner containing three strigils
  • 2 - A small amount of pottery (5 impasto body sherds, one red impasto handle, one rim fragment - and one fragment of rim of a large bowl of fine pink clay, - flat rime with 3+ concentric grooves on top of rim * suggested to be modern
  • Tiles Dumped - 1 Box

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