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Publishing research data on the Web

Because data are for discovery and inspiration, not just management

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Make your field documentation and data discoverable and searchable on the Web.

What can you publish?

  • Documents, field notes, diaries
  • Images and maps
  • Vocabularies and typologies
  • Artifact and ecofact data
  • Stable identifiers for online and offline citation
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Find artifact images for comparison, data for analysis. Learn how others describe their research.

What can you do?

  • See map-based visualization of data
  • Browse pictures and comparative collections
  • Download data tables to your desktop
  • Discover links and related resources across the web

How it works

  • Open Context editors clean your data and organize your content
  • Every item receives a unique identifier that allows citation of individual items
  • Your data publication receives a DOI
  • Linked Open Data approaches tie your content to museum collections and other research data
  • Creative Commons licenses facilitate reuse
  • All Open Context data publications are preserved with the California Digital Library

Why Open Context

Your research data reflect your expertise and intellectual interests. Treating data only as files to archive can limit the impact of your ideas. Open Context goes beyond the archive by richly integrating the totality of your analyses, maps, media, and journals together so they can support your interpretations. This unlocks and highlights meaningful information and relationships in your data and links your data to the wider world.


Open Context charges a one-time fee for data publishing services, including archiving with the California Digital Library.

  • Small project


    Example: a short term-faunal contract

    • 1 year project
    • 1 author or specialist
    • 1 table
    • 1-10 document files
    • 1-100 images
  • Medium project


    Example: a ceramics database

    • 3 year project
    • 1 author or specialist
    • 2 tables
    • 1-10 document files
    • 100-1000 images
  • Large project


    Example: a multi-year excavation

    • 5 year project
    • 8 authors or specialists
    • 20 tables
    • 1-12 document files
    • 1000-5000 images
    • 1-25 audio or video files
    • 5-10 GIS layers
  • Custom project


    Example: Custom API integration

    • We provide consulting and customization for research data management and digital library initiatives. Past projects include NASA, the NSF, the IMLS, and the NEH sponsored initiatives.
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