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DT Death Pit Human Bones

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This table documents human skeletal remains from the "Death Pit", a complex burial excavated at Domuztepe between 1997 and 2003. This pit measured more than 3m in diameter and was about 1.5m deep. It contained layers of dis-articulated human and animal bones, broken pottery and other finds.

The bones in this table have been described using a recording system documented here:

Additional Context

The following publication provides additional context and description for the Death Pit feature and its human and animal remains:

Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Suellen C. Gauld, Stuart Campbell and Elizabeth Carter

Whose Bones are those? Preliminary Comparative Analysis of Fragmented Human and Animal Bones in the “Death Pit” at Domuztepe, a Late Neolithic Settlement in Southeastern Turkey. Anthropozoologica 44(1):159-172. 2009

Data Sources
Domuztepe Excavations (2976)
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Suellen Gauld. (2016) "DT Death Pit Human Bones". In Domuztepe Excavations. Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Carter (Ed). Released: 2016-06-25. Open Context. <>

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