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Petra Great Temple, Lower Temenos Small Finds [3 of 5]

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Petra Great Temple Excavations (5000)
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Deirdre Barrett, Martha Sharp Joukowsky, Christopher A. Tuttle, Joseph J. Basile, Josh Bell, Larry Sisson, Kathleen Mallak, Zain Habboo, Sara G. Karz, Eleanor A. Power, Heather Beckman, Tarek M. Khanachet, LP, John Rucker, Faisal Raad, Mary Prendergast, Katrina M. Haile, Dakhilallah Qublan, David J. Goldstein, Lamya Khalidi, Juliette Gimon, Brian A. Brown, Hilary R. Mattison, Leigh-Ann Bedal, Kimberly A. Butler, Erin E. McCracken, Monica L. Sylvester, Erika L. Schluntz, Laurel D. Bestock, Alexandra Retzleff, Bikai, Elizabeth A. Smolenski, JJL, Workman, Shari L. Saunders, Karen A. Stern, Laurent Tholbecq, Steven J. Larson. (2017) "Petra Great Temple, Lower Temenos Small Finds [3 of 5]". In Petra Great Temple Excavations. Martha Sharp Joukowsky (Ed). Released: 2017-02-01. Open Context. <>

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