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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Layer Date Start 700
Ceramics Class Commonware
Layer Date Start Suffix BC
Layer Date End 900
Layer Date End Suffix AD
Ceramics (count) 1
Publictation Status Published
Publictation Year 2016
Definition fill of SU 1429 (stone vessel)
Ceramics (weight, kg.) 0.006
Formation Process Accumulation
Stratigraphic Reliability Fair
Stratigraphic Unit Type Natural
Elevation Maximum 62.0
Elevation Minimum 62.0
In Elevation Drawing False
Has Photosmodels False
Clay 20.0
Silt 75.0
Sand 5.0
Soil Matrix Granular
Soil Compation Compact
Soil Color Brown
Observations soil very irregular and devoid of inclusions
Position near the southern extent of area B, located to the west of center within vessel 1429, to the south of SU 1424
Shape circular, soil fill becomes lesser in diameter as the depth progresses.
Layer Surface even
Layer Inclusion Observations none
Layer Thickness Observations 17cm thick throughout
Finds Observations Surface of tile is degraded and so may be the base of a large vessel as opposed to tile.
Ceramics Observations Extremely degraded surfaces and no diagnostic sherds.
Originally Entered Date 2011-04-12
Originally Signed Date 2012-07-05
Record Revised Date 2016-04-17
Interpretation fill of vessel 1429 is most likely modern accumulation, partly due to how devoid it is of inclusions and partly because it was found under previous excavations' geotextile and has markings on it from topographical work.
Commonware (walls count) 1
Commonware (total count) 1
Commonware (weight, kg) 0.006
Commonware (max size) 3.0
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Anthropic Soil Inclusions Pottery
Anthropic Soil Inclusion Details
Soil Inclusion Class and Frequency [Record: 8156]
Class: Pottery, Frequency: [Not recorded]
Soil Inclusion Details
[No details]
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Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato. (2017) "Unit 1430 from Europe/Italy/Gabii/Area B". In The Gabii Project. Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato (Ed). Released: 2017-06-04. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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