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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Monument ID 71
Publication Citation BD-VAHD (1) 1878
Date Found or Published 1878
Monument Type funerary inscription
Monument Of Seventh Legion yes
Inscription M(arcus) Varenus / M(arci) f(ilius) Vol(tinia) Valens ve/ter(anus) leg(ionis) VII C(laudiae) P(iae) F(idelis) t(estamento) f(ieri) i(ussit) / arbitratu M(arci) Vare/ni Secundi liberti idem/que heredis
Translation Marcus Varenus Valens, son of Marcus, of the Voltinia tribe, a veteran of the 7th legion Claudia pia fidelis. Done in accordance with his will, by the judgement of Marcus Varenus Secundus, his freedman and heir.
Translation Source Coopey, edit of Tončinić 2011
Date From 42
Date To 70
ModernHolding lost
Suggested Citation

Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton. (2024) "Monument 71 from Europe/Croatia/Hrvace/Hrvace (Findspot ID 34)". In Community and Identity in the Roman Seventh Legion. Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton (Ed). Released: In prep. Open Context. <>

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