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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Publictation Status Published
Publictation Year 2016
Definition cut for trench built wall 1163
Formation Process Cutting
Stratigraphic Reliability Good
Stratigraphic Unit Type Anthropic
Elevation Maximum 63.0
Elevation Minimum 63.0
In Elevation Drawing False
Has Photosmodels False
Observations soil around wall previously excavated; cut not visible after ecavation of fill; photos taken when wall was partially excavated
Position south central area B
Shape rectangular
Layer Interface Sharp
Originally Filled Date 2010-07-16
Originally Revised Date 2010-07-19
Originally Entered Date 2010-07-22
Originally PDF Date 2010-07-21
Record Revised Date 2016-04-17
Interpretation cut for a trench built rubble wall SU 1163. The crushed tufo floor (SU 1173) in this area seems to have been used as the bottom of the cut. This cut, as well as its wall, was later cut by a grave trench (SU 1152, Fran) at its western limit.
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Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato. (2017) "Unit 1171 from Europe/Italy/Gabii/Area B". In The Gabii Project. Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato (Ed). Released: 2017-06-04. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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