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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Fabric Category Ivory
Object Type Unclassified / Debris / Misc.
Fragment Noted false
Object Type (notes) Carved Tusk
Size Max. Pres. Diameter 0.057 m, Max. Pres. Width 0.020 m, Max. Pres. Thickness 0.018 m
Condition Tusk is broken on one end with a large surface chip missing from one side. Overall surface is worn with some pitting and cracking.
Description The tusk preserves a curved length of uniform thickness which then tapers to a narrow tip. The tip area has been carved and finished to a smooth edge. The opposite side of the tip area has also been carved and shaped to an edge but was not completed. The area shows evidence of carving and cutting striations but does not maintain the finished surface of the opposite side.
Fabric Description Tusk
Munsell Color Mottled - 7.5YR 3/2 dark brown, 7.5 YR 8/1 white
Has note
Photo 19990038 BOTTOm
Photo 19990038 PRIFLEB
Photo 19990038 Profile A
Photo 19990038 Top
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Object Master Grid
EW (x) NS (y) Depth (z) Elev. (z)
187.0 -49.0 163.0
187.0 -50.0 171.0
Object Coordinate Notes Supplemental Find, Depth Range below datum
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Catalog ID Note 19990038
Conservation Treatment Notes adhered fresh break w/ 50% B-48N in acetone
Conservation Action adhered
Conservation Material Acryloid B-48N
Conservation Treatment Date 2006-07-06
Conservation Treatment Year 2006
Conservation People Kristina Powell
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Catalog ID Note 19990038
Conservation Treatment Notes removed soil w/ dental pick; adhered w/ 50% Acryloid B-72 in acetone
Conservation Action
Conservation Material
Conservation Treatment Date 2010-08-02
Conservation Treatment Year 2010
Conservation People student
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Consists of
Vocabulary: CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM)
Has type
Vocabulary: CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM)
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Vocabulary: British Museum Thesaurus
Open Context References: sample hub
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Anthony Tuck. (2012) "PC 19990038 from Europe/Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 26 North/1999, ID:364". In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed). Released: 2012-12-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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