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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Date 2004-06-18
Recorder DKP
Start Time 2014-04-02
End Time 2014-04-02
Start Time (date) 2004-06-18:07:46:00
End Time (date) 2004-06-18:08:23:00
Area or Toponym Koutsopetria/Paleokastro
Location and Description The first unit to the northeast of fenced in areaa of excavation. A grain stubble field bordered on SW by uncultivated plot of land( directly N. of Fence) NW by Plowed field ; and N. by grain stubble sloping N upward toward Vigla. A patch of weeds and stone pil;e runs through the N. end of the unit.
Evergreens False
Decidiuous False
Scrub or Phrygana False
Maquis False
Grass or Weeds True
Barren False
General Info Legal and Standard Other False
Olives False
Vineyard False
Citrus False
Apricot False
Almonds False
Other Orchard/grove False
Vegetation, Small-leafed False
Veg, Broad-leafed False
Greens False
Grain False
Grain Stubble False
Kalamboki False
Other Vegetation False
Dominant Vegetation Height <= knee
Percent Visible 40
Farm Plowed
Soil Compacted
Background Disturbance Moderate
Sherd Crusting None
Surface Clast Size Coarse Gravel (75-19mm)
Comments (field) Cut stone noted in pile of rocks on N. end
Walker Spacing 10
Bearing 86.0
Direction From South
General Survey Comments BPW other = Albaster ; mortar SRF other = Quartz; Gypsum
Number of Bags 1.0
Survey Type Standard
Digital True
Color True
Total object (count) 391
Sherds 120
Tiles 267
Lithics 0
Surveyunits Area Other 4
Ceramics 387
Ceramic density 12093.75
Area walked 320.0
Unit area 1600.0

This records information collected by field teams for each survey given unit. This information includes the number of different artifact classes (pottery, tile, stone, other) counted in each fieldwalker's transects, which provides the total count and density for the unit. It also includes environmental features of the unit (vegetation, soil, etc.) and the logistics of collection (date, time, location, etc.). We recorded the information on paper forms in the field at the time of survey and subsequently keyed the data into a Microsoft Access database, which we linked to a GIS plot of the survey units. We scanned the paper forms and archived a copy of the physical forms at the University of North Dakota.

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David K. Pettegrew. "Unit 1 from Cyprus/PKAP Survey Area/Koutsopetria - Paleokastro". (2013) In Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project I: Pedestrian Survey. William R. Caraher, R. Scott Moore, David K. Pettegrew (Eds.) . Released: 2013-10-25. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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