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Interior Department, National Park Service

"Notice of Inventory Completion: Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne-Archaeological Survey, Fort Wayne, IN," Office of the Federal Register (
Trinomial as Expressed in Literature 12SJ336
Referring Document Type Government Regulatory
Federal Register Referencing Agency
Federal Register Reference Type Notice
Federal Register Reference Year 2014
Federal Register Reference Date 2014-07-21
Record Note The DINAA project has contacted state SHPO and other offices to obtain and publish additional information about this archaeological site file record. Spatial context information is inferred from the state and county (or park) information encoded in the trinomial identifier. Mapping coordinates derive from data for relevant counties and parks. As a security precaution, all spatial coordinates for site file records published by the DINAA project have limited precision.
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Joshua Wells, Taylor Wiley, Patrick Finnegan, Valeria Chamorro, Mackenzie Edmonds, Eric C. Kansa. (2019) "12SJ336 from Americas/United States/Indiana/Saint Joseph County". In Digital Index of North American Archaeology, Linking Sites and Literature. Joshua Wells (Ed). Released: 2019-08-04. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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