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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Ceramics Class
Layer Date Start 250
Layer Date Start Suffix BC
Layer Date End 150
Layer Date End Suffix BC
Publictation Status Published
Publictation Year 2016
Definition Silty layer beneath 1383
Formation Process Accumulation
Layer Date Observations bucchero and impasto likely residual
Stratigraphic Reliability Good
Stratigraphic Unit Type Natural
Elevation Maximum 63.0
Elevation Minimum 62.0
In Elevation Drawing False
Has Photosmodels False
Clay 25.0
Silt 70.0
Sand 5.0
Soil Matrix Cohesive
Soil Compation Compact
Soil Color Brown
Observations Special find 412 - altar base. On eastern wall continuation of a wall was found. Northern portion o the SU is finds rich, including many largely intact vessels. Southern portion lacks this finds density.
Position southern central section area B 2011, due south of SU 1279
Shape rectangular
Layer Surface slope slightly towards the south. becomes a sharp slope at the southern end
Layer Inclusion Observations visible large rocks and some pottery and tiles
Layer Thickness Observations thickness decreases slightly to the south
Layer Interface Other
Layer Interface (Other Notes) sharp where bedrock, diffuse elsewhere
Soil Sample Volume 2.0
Non-Soil Sample Type charcoal, shells
Finds Observations non-diagnostic fragments thrown
Originally Entered Date 2011-06-12
Record Revised Date 2016-04-17
Interpretation SU served as drainage to the east of the house, overtime wash off accumulation attributes to the high frequency of finds. On the western portion of the SU there is a shelf while to the east there is a deeper channel for water/sewer. This SU is a continuation of 1279.
Amphora (rims count) 2
Amphora (handles count) 1
Amphora (walls count) 99
Amphora (total count) 38
Black Gloss (vessels count) 4
Black Gloss (rims count) 76
Black Gloss (handles count) 3
Black Gloss (bases count) 26
Black Gloss (walls count) 95
Black Gloss (total count) 204
Bucchero (rims count) 3
Bucchero (handles count) 2
Bucchero (walls count) 3
Bucchero (total count) 8
Commonware (vessels count) 1
Commonware (rims count) 249
Commonware (handles count) 7
Commonware (bases count) 68
Commonware (walls count) 825
Commonware (total count) 1150
Creamware (rims count) 5
Creamware (handles count) 9
Creamware (bases count) 5
Creamware (walls count) 83
Creamware (total count) 68
Fineware (walls count) 4
Fineware (total count) 4
Genucilia Plate (rims count) 1
Genucilia Plate (total count) 1
Impasto (rims count) 5
Impasto (walls count) 8
Impasto (total count) 13
Impasto Chiaro Sabbioso (bases count) 3
Impasto Chiaro Sabbioso (walls count) 11
Impasto Chiaro Sabbioso (total count) 14
Internal Slip Ware (rims count) 7
Internal Slip Ware (walls count) 1
Internal Slip Ware (total count) 8
Large Storage Container (walls count) 12
Large Storage Container (total count) 12
Painted Commonware (rims count) 9
Painted Commonware (handles count) 2
Painted Commonware (walls count) 3
Painted Commonware (total count) 12
Painted Fineware (rims count) 2
Painted Fineware (handles count) 1
Painted Fineware (bases count) 1
Painted Fineware (total count) 3
Thin Walled (rims count) 4
Thin Walled (bases count) 1
Thin Walled (walls count) 4
Thin Walled (total count) 9
Tile (total count) 86
Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Botany Flotation Volume 16.0
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Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato. (2017) "Unit 1385 from Europe/Italy/Gabii/Area B". In The Gabii Project. Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato (Ed). Released: 2017-06-04. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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