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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Publictation Status Published
Publictation Year 2016
Definition Slabs above sewer cut into bedrock
Formation Process Construction
Stratigraphic Reliability Good
Stratigraphic Unit Type Anthropic
Elevation Maximum 63.0
Elevation Minimum 62.0
In Cross Section False
In Elevation Drawing False
Has Photos True
Has Photosmodels True
Filled On 2011-07-27
Revised On 2011-08-02
Limit Notes Northern limit still covered by tufo floor 1173
Observations Dry, sunny conditions, SU was discovered in 2010 and more exposed in 2011
Position Southwestern corner of Trench B past 2010 excavation limit along wall 1058
Shape Rectangular, the slabs are not fully exposed, so measurements are quiet difficult to gain
Layer Surface no slope
Layer Thickness Observations fairly uniform
Layer Interface Sharp
Structure Building Technique Other Tufo slabs of different thickness and size
Originally Issued Date 2011-07-23
Originally Filled Date 2011-07-27
Originally Revised Date 2011-08-02
Originally Entered Date 2012-07-04
Originally PDF Date 2011-08-03
Record Revised Date 2016-04-17
  • The square cut SU 1228 is a drain of some sort and the slabs cover it.

    Samantha Lash

  • Tufo slabs that cover a drainage channel below the via Claudia (SU 1400)

    Claudia Melisch

Interpretation Author
  • Claudia Melisch
  • Samantha Lash
Interpretation Date
  • 2011-07-27
  • 2011-08-02
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Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato. (2017) "Unit 1230 from Europe/Italy/Gabii/Area B". In The Gabii Project. Rachel Opitz, Marcello Mogetta, Nicola Terrenato (Ed). Released: 2017-06-04. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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