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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Monument ID 109
Publication Citation Čače 2003
Source for Duplicate Argument Tončinić 2011, 116-118, 123 cat. Nos. 93, 99
Monument Type boundary inscription
Monument Of Seventh Legion yes
Inscription Ex [dec(reto) P(ubli) Corn(eli)] / Dol(abellae) leg(ati) pr(o) [pr(aetore)] / det(erminavit) C(aius) Titius / Geminus >(centurio) / leg(ionis) VII inte[r] / Asser(iates) et C[or(nienses)]
Translation According to judgement of Publius Cornelius Dolabella the propraetorial legate, Gaius Titius Geminus [-] of the 7th legion, demarcated (this) between the Asserites and Cornienses.
Translation Source Coopey, edit of Tončinić 2011
Date From 63
Date To 67
Date Note It refers to the renewal of a demarcation made by Legio VII member between 14-20 CE however
ModernHolding lost
MonumentNote the individual refered to in this stelae could be the same as the one referenced in CIL 3, 9973. Čače believed this arguing that the name sextus in CIL 3, 9973 was incorrect, and should be Gaius ('G' not 'S'). However, it could also be a brother, hence the hesitation to confirm Gaius' position as a centurio.
Suggested Citation

Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton. (2024) "Monument 109 from Europe/Croatia/Donji Karin". In Community and Identity in the Roman Seventh Legion. Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton (Ed). Released: In prep. Open Context. <>

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