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The Hypostyle Hall is located at the east end of Gallery Set III, so named because multiple rows of low mud benches running the length of the space were apparently bases for a large number of wooden columns, which presumably supported a roof. Thus the space would have been a hypostyle hall.22 The most characteristic feature of this area, other than the numerous column bases, is the fact that many of the low benches were encrusted with the fine remains of fish scales.23 We have hypothesized that this area may have been used for food processing/preparation, such as drying fish, and perhaps also food consumption—perhaps a kind of "canteen" for the workers.

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23W. Wetterstrom, 'The 1995 Field Season. A Massive Fish Processing Center Discovered amidst Enigatic Long, Low Plastered Benches', AERAgram, 1.1 (1996), 8–9.

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