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Site ID AA:12:170
Cultural Affiliation Hohokam, Snaketown- Rillito phases
Site Type Habitation: trash mound, 13 pithouses, petroglyphs, cupules, mortars
Location T11S, R12E, S14 NE/SW
Major Drainage Wild Burro
Has note

The Arizona State Museum (ASM) and the State Historic Preservation Office keep an official inventory of state cultural resources. The -Site ID- field describes the ASM identifier for the site.

Under state law, the ASM has a responsibility to help protect the cultural resources on state land. Through a system of archaeological permits management and documentation of the survey activities, the ASM preserves records about these cultural resources.

Open Context recognizes the sensitive nature of some location information. In this case,the data contributor reported that sites referenced in this project were destroyed through development following archaeological mitigation and documentation efforts. Because of this, locational information is provided as it does not represent a risk to site integrity.

Raw data and the artifacts are stored at the Arizona State Museum.

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Jenny Adams. (2010) "Wild Burro Canyon from Americas/United States/Arizona". In Open Context. Released: 2010-04-29. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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