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The Valdivia culture of coastal Ecuador dates between 4400 and 1450 BC. It is one of the earliest settled and ceramic producing traditions in the Americas. For all this, however, archaeological understanding of this important time period is limited. This is due, in part, to a problem encountered in many regions around the world, namely that archaeological data is frequently siloed, either in gray literature or in monolingual publications that are inaccessible due to cost or restricted distribution.

The purpose of this database is to provide a centralized repository for data concerning ceramics from the Valdivia culture. Virtual Valdivia will host the data that underlays archaeological interpretation, encouraging archaeologists to undertake meaningful inter-site analyses and help build a regional understanding first, of ceramic variation and secondly, of the social practices in existence during this time period.

The current data is derived from excavations at the site of Buen Suceso, and focuses on Phases VI and VII of the Late Valdivia period. Additional data will be added from grey literature, such as unpublished theses and dissertations and site reports as author permission is obtained. If you are interested in contributing your data please contact the database editor.


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