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Image Preview: Fig. 63_3 from Asia/Jordan/Jarash/Mosque ID 63
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Caption Elevated view of the Friday mosque at Jarash, looking northeast (July 2012). Prominent are the three mahārīb, with the original axial miḥrāb in the centre (Phase 1) and, in Phase 2, two smaller additions either side. These later miḥrābs ‎were architecturally dissimilar, suggesting different dates. The enclosed market (macellum) south of the mosque was unusable in Phase 2, with debris retained by a sloping stone wall to keep the path south of the mosque open
Credit The Danish-Jordanian Islamic Jarash Project, digital photograph catalogue no. IJP_D13811
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The Danish-Jordanian Islamic Jarash Project. (2021) "Fig. 63_3 from Asia/Jordan/Jarash/Mosque ID 63". In Early Islamic Mosques Database. Hagit Nol (Ed). Released: 2021-11-14. Open Context. <>

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