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Thursday, July1, 1993

AM worked in magazzino

PM Excavation continued today in the medium brown clayey layer.  Because of the amount of small boulders in P/Q 36 that area was left for exploration later.

One pick and shovel team worked on P/Q 34-35, where the soil is more visible and hard-packed.  Shallow picking loosened a few centimeters of soil.  Patches of galestra were also revealed in P/Q 33-34, especially near teh newly created south baulk.  It seemed best to complete the pass and try to determine exactly where the galestra lies.

On the eastern side of the trench the soil is a slightly darker brown and has a more crumbly consistency.  Picking reveals more small boulders and tile than on the other side of the trench.

The boulders stop approximately one half meter from the eastern baulk.

After one pass over the entire trench the situation became somewhat confusing.  On the western end of the trench, meters 34-36 revealed soil that was mostly "galestra".  Oddly, a darker clayey soil with visible chunks of tile can be seen under this galestra layer (in the baulk).  At certain points this "galestra" layer seems to run underneath the layer of soil with small boulders, but it is difficult to confirm this definitely (i.e. the layer in meters 36-39).  Because of the difference in the levels of between the two sides of the trench and because the "galestra" does seem to run under the darker clayey soil with more boulders, it was decided to remove the stony layer with pick and shovel.  This proceeded only for a short while before

work ended for the day.

For each of the three areas excavated, only a handful of pottery and less than a quarter cassetta of pottery was recovered.  No special finds were recovered.

When excavation stopped for the day this section was at a depth of 55cm on the west, 68cm at its lowest point in the center and 65cm on the east.  See explanatory note page 47.  Additional note:  Because the "galestra" lies on top of soil which clearly shows signs of human presence (eg tile fragments) it is not, technically speaking, galestra, but a galestra-like soil which fragments into small shale-like pieces when it is struck with a pick.

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