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Daily Log

July 10, 1998


Elevations were recorded. The depth of the trench was approximately 28-35 cm below datum. Yesterday's cut was then continued through meters E186-187/S49-50. The soil excavated in this cut remained consistent with the locus 2n designation.

Within meter E187/S49 a chunk of vitrified plaster was recovered. Also in this morning's work numerous fragments of terracotta were found, & approximately half a latte box of ceramic (and some bone). In addition, a lump of bronze (Find #1) and a fragment of a painted ceramic (Find #2) were found.

A complete account of recovered material will be recorded in today's P.M. section.


This morning's cut was continued through meters E188/S49-50. This soil also maintains the locus 2n designation.

In today's work approximately 363 terracotta tile fragments were recovered, along with 5 pieces of bone, a fragment of vitrified plaster ( ), approximately 70 fragments of ceramic, mostly coarseware and impasto, and two finds (see A.M. entry).

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