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Date: 24-Aug-97
Weather: sunny
Number of Workers: 2
Lots Open: 1525, 1526, 1521, 1527
Page Reference: 165

STRATEGY: 1. Complete excavation of 1525, clean up and possibly take whole earth sample from lot below (1527) if we have defined contexts, e.g., if the small stone circle or the pise wall turn out to be anything. (?) Try to define the pise wall. Remove f607 and f605.

SUMMARY: 1. Completed excavation of 1525. Swept up the lot below, 1527, shows many colour differences over the square (i.e., red patches, asy grey patches), but as there are no distinct/separate /definable contexts, 1527 is being removed over the entire square (bar the red pise area in the SE quadrant, which is being excavated seperately as a possible wall, f609). Within 1525 a small find of stone bowl fragment was discovered (sf57). 2. Removed walls f607 (fill 1526) and f605 (fill 1521). Both contain a little pot, bone and flint. 60L flotation sample taken from 1527.
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Amanda Kennedy. (2006) "Log for: 685N / 405E (24-Aug-97) from Asia/Turkey/Domuztepe/IV/Lot 1521". In Domuztepe Excavations. Elizabeth Carter, Stuart Campbell (Ed). Released: 2006-02-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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