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Daily Log

June 10, 1999


were taken of the uncovered floor of the trench from various angles. Began by trimming the excess baulk that was left from the backfill and then commenced with the excavation of locus 12 down to the elevation of locus 14. Immediately began to find tile which was extremely friable, pottery and bits of bone. Found a small fragment of Ionic pottery (find 1) which was painted black. Also in the first we discovered several bronze fragments (find #2) of varying sizes as well as another fragment of ionic pottery painted red and some black (find #3)




Once the baseline points had been established by the architect we were able to establish our meter points around our trenches. Using a 3,4,5 triangle we were able to triangulate the trench and set our points. The rest of the day was spent trimming the baulks and levelling the floor of the trench to an even level. Eithin locus 12 we are consistently findign bits of carbon and charcoal flakes suggesting close proximity to the burn layer. today's work in locus 12 yielded 1 full cassette of tile, 11 pieces of plaster, and approximately 2 1/2 latte boxes of pottery and bone.


  • Find #10
  • E187/S49 Baulk Find
  • 120 cm bd
  • Bronze sheet and other fragments

Pottery & Bone Count

Bone -

Bucchero -

Impasto -

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Orangeware -

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