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Daily Log

July 17, 1998


Elevations were recorded. The depth of the trench floor was 57-61 cm below datum.

The trench floor was levelled approximately 10 cm throughout the trench and the remaining terracotta tiles were removed. The depth of the trench at this point was 61-64 cm below datum.

Upon beginning a cut into meters E186/S49-50, a different type of soil was encountered. At this point, locus 4n had yielded 316 tiles for today. The new soil was designated locus 9; the following explanation* ought to suffice to explain the change in loci


Today, John B. Beeby, the supervisor of this trench (meters E168-188/S49-50), leaves the site. Michele Kunitz is assuming responsibility for the supervision of both the north and south T26 trenches (NORTH - E168-188/S49-50, SOUTH - E186-188/S53-54). From this point on, both trenches will be recorded in PCS I. To facilitate this we combined the loci numbering system. Up to this day, the northern trench contained 4 loci; the southern trench contained 8 loci. Loci 1-4 will now be designated a 1 North (n) and 1 south (s), 2n and 2s,

3n and 3s, 4n and 4s. Today John Beeby opened the first combined number locus in his trench, locus 9, following locus 8 (previously opened) in the southern trench. The entry for locus 9 is duplicated in from today's entry.

Work was begun in locus 9, which lies directly beneath the layer of terracotta tiles. The soil appears slightly darker than the above layer (locus 3n), and is sandy to the touch. There seems to be a lesser amount of tile in this soil, and yet a greater amount of bone and ceramic than previously discovered.

In today's work 316 tiles were taken from locus 4n, 109 tiles from locus 9. As for ceramic and finds, locus 4n yielded 26 pieces of impasto and 9 bone fragments, and also a probable statue fragment (Find #1) and a possible antefix backer/statue fragment (Find #2) were unearthed. In addition a few fragments of sandstone (approx. 8-10 cm in length) were found inmeter E186/S50, they were not, however, made finds.

In locus 9, 55 fragment of impasto, 10

pieces of creamware, and 48 bone fragments were found.


  • Find #2
  • E187.56/S49.12
  • Locus 4n
  • 62cm below datum
  • Possible antefix backer/statue frag.


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