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AM Excavation was delayed due to sickness.

PM Light cleaning was done across the trench to rid the area of debris from the excavation and removal of roots from the adjacent T97. A pickpass was then thrown in the central section of the area north of the slope. Tile, pottery, and bone all continue to be found in this area. Another pass of this area was done to lower elevation and expose tree roots for removal. A diagnostic bone (Special Find #1) was found during cleaning.

Special Find #1 Locus 1 24.17 mAE 140.04m E 93.06m S Diagnostic Bone [stipple drawing of Special Find #1]

Closing Elevations: NE: 24.35 mAE SE: 23.75 mAE SW: 23.58 mAE NW: 24.41 mAE

Daily Totals: Tile: ¾ bowl Pottery: 7 pieces Bone: 3 pieces

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Anthony Tuck. (2019) "T96 (2019-07-04):45-46; Excavation Activities from Europe/Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 96/T96 2019". In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed). Released: 2019-09-13. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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