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Date: 06-Aug-97
Weather: clear sunny day
Number of Workers: 2
Lots Open: 1505, 1506, 1507
Page Reference: 151

STRATEGY: Complete excavation of 1505. Spilt trench into two and try to discover if there is a concentration of porehistoric pottery in the southern end. If the rubble/stones extend into the northern end, which would imply that the stones we have been getting with each succesive layer and moving across the trench from the south to north are a fan(?) in which levels the prehistoric strata in the southern end of the trench.

SUMMARY: 1505 completed. NB, some of the reconstructable pot sherds from 1504may be in today's 1505. Finds included pottery, bone, flint, 5 sling stones and a fragment of a glass bracelet (belongs with sf9?). Small find of stone pounder (?) from 1503 recovered from area beside southern baulk which was neglected during the main excavation of 1503. Trench spilt into two: southern quarter is 1507, northern three quarters is 1506. The rubble in 1506 does appear to be sloping down and northwards with further excavation. Yet to find out if our other prediction of a concentration of prehistoric pottery in 1507 is correct. 1506 finds include potery, flint and bone. 1507 finds were the same. It wold appear that area IV could provide a good account of soil formation on the Tepe, as so far we have late material in a soil formation layer covered by the plough zone and what would appear to be prehistoric levels underneath this soil formation zone. Study of the potteyr perhaps reveals fewer late diagnostic sherds in the southern end of the trench, therefore supporting our proposition of prehistoric layers in the south of the trench being sealed by late tumble in which fans(?) S-N into the trench.
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Amanda Kennedy. (2006) "Log for: 685N / 405E (06-Aug-97) from Asia/Turkey/Domuztepe/IV/Lot 1505". In Domuztepe Excavations. Elizabeth Carter, Stuart Campbell (Ed). Released: 2006-02-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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