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Journal / Summary:H-2-2005-Summary

Area H Trench 2

June 12, 2005

Final Trench Summary


This trench H2 was opened on the 21st of May 2005 and it is a 5x5 trench. The trench was opened and conducted by Marco Baldi. The trench is located at the northeast portion of the main mound, besides it also should be mentioned that Area H is just located under the slope area of the main mound (that is Area D). The main purpose for having this trench being laid out was to find out how far the Ubaid or the Late Chalcolithic habitation went through. But the excavation that has been carried out proved that habitation did not take placed here, but some how the area of this side of the mound was used as the dump area of the site.

The trench was conducted by me from the 4th of July 2005 onwards, and the trench hit virgin soil on the 12 of July 2005. The trench did not yield any architectural features except the L3, L8, and than L9 (which was the wall that continued for three locia). But the trench was rich in with coming up interesting potsherds that made me think that they were Late Chalcolithic material. Since, the trench was poor in presenting any kind of architectural features and any kind of structures, on the 4th of June we decided to divide the trench into two equal hemispheres, by this way we had the chance of getting a strategraphical guide for us. For this reason we named the east portion of the trench as L13 and began to come down there (but only on the north part of the locus which was just 2x2 m). The locus number has changed several times at this portion of the trench L14, L15, and L17 are all related with L13 the reason why we had change the locus number was because the hardness of the soil was changing. But L16 was different than all. L16 was consisting only of 3 rocks which were lined on the same direction (from north to south). L 16 became visible at the south part of the locus at the north side, so, be sure if the rocks were creating wall or not I decided to take the south part of L13 down to the same level of the rocks L16. But, after reaching the same level with the rocks it was clear that the rocks were not going on.

But when we came down on the south portion of L13 I was able to observe that I was facing a dump of shells. The location of the shells was close to the east baulk and it was covering an area of 1.55x 1.90m. The place where the shells were sitting can not be called as a pit, because they were not coming out from a pit. But within the time period they made an artifical pit for themselves. Having a pile of shells was interesting and extraordinary. But, if we should keep in mind the location of the area than might make sense. The area H is close to area F and to area G, and both of these sites yield habitation for long term. So, may be the inhabitants of Kenan Tepe might have used this area as a dump spot.

However, it took us almost three days to clean and to collect the shells from the locus (8 bags in the size of 20x30 have been filled with shells). After the shells came to an end we took the locus down to the same level with the rest of the L17 (the north portion of the south part of the trench). We gave the area a new locus number. The entire east part was called as L20. After the shells it took us only 8 to 10 cm to hit virgin soil in this trench, and when we hit virgin soil we closed the trench.

All in all we can say that area H was not used as a living spot neither in the Ubaid period nor in the Late Chalcolithic, and all the material that the trench yield was just wash material, especially the potsherds, most of them were Chalcolithic and a  few seem to be pointing out the 2nd millennium. By this way the trench came to an end.

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Date 2005-06-12
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Has note At the end of each week, trench supervisors were expected to write a concise summary of the previous week’s activities. The purpose of this weekly summary was to review the week’s notes, check for completeness, identify any mistakes or missing information, and to begin building interpretations.
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