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Located within the Eastern Town (which was discovered when a trench for a large modern enclosure wall was being constructed along the eastern edge of the entire Giza Plateau area16), this one specific house was selected for a more thorough investigation in 2004–2005,17 and was conserved and reconstructed in 2005.18 ETH is a small "village-y" house, in a typical Old Kingdom "snail shell" form. The outer areas contain spaces for working, food production, and storage, while the inner area was a more personal space, with a bed platform in the innermost room.19 The remains excavated from within it are particularly interesting because the house represents the only apparently traditional Egyptian village house AERA has excavated within the entire Heit el-Ghurab settlement. It is apparent that, unlike the galleries buildings, and the large house complexes in Soccer Field West (see SFW-H1), the people living here were more self-sufficient, not relying upon provisions from the state.

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Claire Malleson, Rebekah Miracle. (2018) "ETH from Africa/Egypt/Giza/Heit el-Ghurab". In Giza Botanical Database. Claire Malleson, Rebekah Miracle (Ed). Released: 2018-10-22. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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